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ITCris, System Administrator
Category: Networking
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Experience:  3 yrs experience of Small & Medium business environment.
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Authentication required on wireless router, cannot remember

Customer Question

Authentication required for wireless router, I cannot remember the username/password. The Model number is : Wireless-G 2.4GHz, # WRT54G VER. 6.

Please help.

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  ITCris replied 6 years ago.

Hello, Thank you for contacting JA, I am Cris and will assist you with your question.

Do you know the security key to connect a PC to the router for wireless internet?

JACUSTOMER-rjwn8s7w- : Ok, thank. So what can we do about the username and password *****? It shows me the web browsers page, but say "Connection was rest" and a "Authentication Required" box is on my screen. I'm talking to you through my desktop and looking at the laptop too.
ITTechQ&A : Ok gotcha so the username and password ***** access the router was changed.
JACUSTOMER-rjwn8s7w- : I guess, it's been years.
ITTechQ&A : We will have to reset the router to get it back to factory settings. That will reset the router to the default username and password.

JACUSTOMER-rjwn8s7w- : ok, so what do I do? I see the reset button on the back of the router.

ITTechQ&A : Take a pen or paper clip and on the back of the router hold down the reset button for 30 seconds. Next connect to the router with a ethernet cable to setup. Open a web browser and in the address bar type in

Username: leave blank

password: admin

Once you reach the linksys configuration page, click on the wireless tab, then click wireless security.

Select WPA-Personal for security and use a phone number for your network key. I would also recommend changing the SSID to something of your choice that can be found under basic wireless.

The PC you are chatting wit me on is it connected to the router with a network cable?

JACUSTOMER-rjwn8s7w- : I'm still on Westell Broadband's page? That's my DSL modem's manufacture.
ITTechQ&A : Your Linksys router is connected to a DSL modem?
JACUSTOMER-rjwn8s7w- : Umm? I think so? The phone jack's cable it connected to a battery-backup box, and that cable is connected to the modem and then to the router.
ITTechQ&A : Ok now is your PC connected to the router with network cable?
JACUSTOMER-rjwn8s7w- : I believe so, A blue cable runs to both the computer tower and another from the modem to the Linksys router.
ITTechQ&A : Ok so the PC is directly connected to the router and you should reset the router.