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I want to allow 2 others in my building to use my internet

Customer Question

I want to allow 2 others in my building to use my internet connection, how do I do that so just they can use it, (not be public), as well as me. I want each of us to be secure so the others can't see what the others are doing. Can you help me? Is this possible? thank you Wanda
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.

You'll have to describe to me what type of configuration you have right now. For example, who hosts your internet. Do you have DSL, cable, dial up, or some 3g connection?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have cable, is that DSL? I have highest speed they offer here in Alaska.
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Alright, no problem.

Now your next check is to go to the cable modem. (cable is not DSL)

You have to confirm two things. I'm assuming you plug directly into it, is this correct? And there is only one spot to plug in?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, I plug direecctly from Linksys to modem. Only one place, (showes 3 computers), Is this what you mean?
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Hmm sort of. Is your computer plugged in from a cable to linksys router (blue) and then cable modem?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, blue cable from/to modem to linksys router. By ccable do you mean the RCA small box? grey cord from internet plug to small box, says something like eathmnet? can't read it.
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Here's the deal, you have a linksys router (that's what I wanted to confirm).

If you wanted any other computers on the network. All you have to do is use an Network cable (available almost anywhere) and plug them into the available plugs on the linksys router. Everything else will share automatically and all data between the computers will be private.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
these other computers are not in my apartment, each of them have their own apartment. Will the Network cable work wireless?
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Go to the blue box (linksys router).

Read me the model # XXXXX it. It'll say on the bottom. If its a model taht supports wireless then, depending on the distance of these apartments (which you can guess and give me an idea of how far we're talking) they'll be able to wirelessly connect.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Model RTG54G
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
You sure its not WRT54G?

I've never seen a linksys router that started with R
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
As soon as I ssent it I knew i'd made a misstake, but no way to contact yuo until you answered me.. It is WRT54G
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
Actually, if you bookmark this page, you can just click the bookmark and see my updates. I'm leaving this as an answer, but don't accept it quite yet as I believe you're going to have further questions on this.

Or click the direct link to this page

It does support wireless. And I will try to give you a crash course on how to set it up.

First part is logging into the router. Using your internet browser (internet explorer) type this as an address: and hit enter. The other possible address is for your router. If you typed the right one it will ask for a user name and password. It could be a few variations. They are:

User: <leave empty>
pass: admin

User: admin
pass: admin

User: admin
pass <leave empty>

Once in the router continue:

Follow that guide but ONLY the sections I tell you.

The only guide portion you need to follow is

SSID and Other Basic Wireless Setting

And you may stop at the sentence

"Since my wireless network card can support WPA2, I use following setting." Which underneath describes the encryption


Once you're inside the router its less complicated than it looks.


Basically you want to give the network name (ssid) such as "myapartment"


and then later set a WPA password XXXXX what they will need to enter when they wirelessly connect to your "myapartment" address


Justin and 4 other Networking Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I'm working on your advise. Don't leave me please!! Would rather call and have a walk through, do you do that? In meantime will follow you advise.
Expert:  Justin replied 6 years ago.
I'd have much preferred you didn't accept until after you got it working, but should we not succeed I will initiate a refund.

I won't leave, but I'm not always here and I will always respond to you as soon as I can. Unfortunately I'm not able to make contact via telephone. Just let me know if you get stuck anywhere or have any concerns about the setup. I will do my best to assist you as I have been.

What we know so far though is your router does support wireless. Once configured as described above you will be all set to use it. The only concern might be distance of the apartments. Though wireless signal is fairly strong.

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