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I have Comcast as an internet provider. The Router is an Arris

Resolved Question:

I have Comcast as an internet provider. The Router is an Arris TM722. I want to configure my Cisco Linkys E3000 in order to have a wireless network in the house. Each time I follow the directions for the Cisco Linkys hook up, I get a message stating that it cannot find the router. I am stumped.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Kevin replied 7 years ago.

Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you with your networking question.


Getting the Arris working with the Linksys is a bit tricky - if you look at the bottom of the Arris, there is a battery compartment. During the setup, you will be removing the battery as part of the process.


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Here are the steps to get it working, include the wireless network setup:


Power off the computer that will be connected directly to the router and the Arris.


  1. Remove the battery of the Arris
  2. Connect the Arris to the Internet port of your router and your computer to one of the available ports of the router
  3. Wait 60 seconds, then power on the router
  4. Put the battery back into the modem and plug in the AC adapter
  5. Wait 60 seconds, then press and hold the reset button on the back of the Linksys router for 15 seconds with a pen, then release
  6. Wait 60 seconds, then power on the computer

You should now be online with the Linksys and Arris working together. Now, let's set up the wireless...


Open a web browser and enter this address:


A login screen will appear - leave the username blank and enter admin for the password. You should now be inside the setup of the router.


Click Wireless at the top of the page. Change the Network Name (SSID) to anything you would like, just something unique that you have not used before - this will be the name of your wireless network. It's best to not have any spaces in the network name.


Next, click Wireless Security in the submenu just below Wireless. Change the security mode to WPA/WPA2 Mixed Mode. You will see a passphrase box - this is your wireless password. Enter a password XXXXX at least 8 characters, then save the settings.


Your network is now secure and ready for the wireless connection.


If you have any questions as to how to connect ot your wireless network, please let me know.

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