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I need to replace my linksys wireless router. How do I know

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I need to replace my linksys wireless router. How do I know if my current system is compatible with a "G" router or an "n" router

you are in luck the fujitsu A6110 has a duel band wireless card it will work with either G or N



Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Great. I don't know the difference between the two options. Is it worth the extra $ to go with the N, will it have any impact on the range of the antenna. How dangerous is the 'hackable' G Linksys router?
the N band has a greater range and greater speed. 100 ft max for G and 1000 for N. that is under optimum conditioons though. if the G was marginal for you i would spend the money for the N for the distance factor. its only about 30 bucks more these days. for going on the internet i dont think you will actually notice any speed difference because even the speed of G band is faster then most internet connections. you might notice if you are transferring between computers on the network i dont think either of them has an advantage in hackability. they both can use wpa encryption key
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