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I want to go from Dublin,Ireland to Southampton,UK via bus,train

Customer Question

I want to go from Dublin,Ireland to Southampton,UK via bus,train or Bus. What do I take? How long on each and is a transfer available? Object is to leave from Dublin and make it to Southampton in time to catch the Queen Mary 2 which I have tickets on to go to NYC
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  David Barrett replied 7 years ago.
What is the date and time of the departure of the Queen Mary 2?
Expert:  David Barrett replied 7 years ago.
First option which is by rail from Dublin Connolly to Southampton Central (which is the closest station to the docks) would get you into Southampton at 9am in the morning, giving you plenty of time to get to the docks (it is a five minute taxi ride, and even walkable if you don't have too much luggage!). It does involve a lot of swapping, but then a train journey of this sort always will. I will see if I can find any bus services with fewer changes.

I also note that this route takes you via Scotland, which seems a little out of the way as there should be a direct ferry crossing to Wales...

Train itinerary:
13:20 Dublin Connolly [DCL]
Belfast Central [BFC] 15:35 2h 15m


Belfast Central
[BFC] Belfast Port [BFA] 16:40 1h 05m

17:00 Belfast Port [BFA]
Stranraer Harbour [SRE] 19:20 2h 20m

19:20 Stranraer Harbour [SRE]
Stranraer [STR] 19:40 0h 20m
This journey involves a wait of over 90 minutes for a connecting train.

21:12 Stranraer [STR]
Glasgow Central [GLC] 23:25 15 2h 13m

23:40 Glasgow Central [GLC]
London Euston [EUS] 06:40 15 7h 00m

06:40 London Euston [EUS]
London Waterloo [WAT] 07:30 0h 50m
From London Euston take the Northern Line (Southbound via Charing Cross,
Platform 1 or 2 ) which is a direct service to Waterloo Underground Station.

07:35 London Waterloo [WAT]
Southampton Central [SOU]
08:59 4 1h 24m

Edited by David Barrett on 4/28/2010 at 3:26 PM EST
Expert:  David Barrett replied 7 years ago.
Next offering is much more manageable, I think.

National Express run a coach from Dublin to London. It would depart 20:15 on the 12th, arriving at 0830 on the 13th at Victoria Coach Station. From here, you'd need to get to Waterloo and then it is train from there to Southampton Central (this is a direct train and there are at least three per hour).

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