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Pat, Certified Networking Engineer
Category: Networking
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Experience:  10 years of Systems and Network Experience, Cisco Certified
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Hi, Which SMC switch is compatible with te Mac Max Extreme

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Which SMC switch is compatible with te Mac Max Extreme router? I really want just a few ports but auto negotiating for QOs. BotXXXXX XXXXXnethre Top of the line if I can say the essence. If you feel SMC is not the best choice I'm open to others like D-Link etc. The price could go higher up to $100.00
If you want a switch that does QOS, you might have to spend more than $100. I don't think I'd even use an Airport Extreme Router if I was that concerned about qos. Are you going to be running VOIP?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, I want VOP and I have already powerline running well off the router using the Netgeat box with 4 different priority ports like gaming for kids. But you are absolutely right I want VOP and experiment with a professional business Skype center. I just love Skype and want to experiment with a cheap USB DLink adapter DPH 50U. The Second Issue! I have just bought a top of the like desktop HP Win 7 PC with plenty of resources, and I do a lot of Internet browsing/research with many open pages. The feed is Cable Blast 15 Mbs. with the latest Motorola Surfboard extreme cable modem SB6120. You should name the price but I hate to go into the managed box.

I'll refer you to our networking experts category. While I am a networking expert as well, my expertise is in the enterprise grade network products. Someone in that category will better be able to assist you.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm open to a state of the art solution with a reasonable pricing but it should shield me from the network management on a daily basis. The stability of connections is the key since I can't afford debugging and a downtime longer than a day. Therefore, simplicity might be a way to go instead of struggling with the network layers.

So far, I like your application allowing to get to the root thru the series of requirements refinement by bringing in various experts. I just hate the idea to abandon Mac platform if your experts turn against it. I'm comfortable with both OS and Mac should stay in the center of my work.

Here's what I'm thinking, qos over your switched network shouldn't really be needed, especially if you upgrade to a gigabit ethernet backplane. qos at your router for the internet connection is important. It will be hard to find unmanaged products that can exchange qos information with each other. Also, given the small topology of your network, you wouldn't realize any performance gains for your LAN traffic by specifying qos for certain services. If your Airport Extreme base station allows you to set qos for your internet traffic, then use that feature. If it doesn't, you just need to replace your router with a router that does support it and you can remove the airport extreme from the network. You do lose some functionality like "Back to My Mac" if you're not using an Apple router. Does this make sense?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My understanding that the latest Airport Extreme base station I have allows to set qos for my internet traffic, I could use this feature. But, it doesn't answer my ORIGINAL question: how do I get an additional TCP/IP port/s for a new PC/Win 7 that will be used primarily for Internet traffic/browsing? Are we back to some switch model of SMC 10/100/1000? If so, which one would you recommend? Also, in order to get better response time and page serving should I install some narrow defined non-application system server? Could be a dedicated old machine having simple Celeron processor that I have in my inventory or even a Linux laptop? Please do not forget that I'm not an enterprise user and do not have shared applications or DBs. My main goal is a fast and reliable Internet access.

Many Thanks,
Ok, in answer to your original question, any switch will work. I would get a gigabit switch as it will make your network that much snappier and will make sure that the only performance bottleneck is your internet connection. If you want an SMC one, this one with work:

But get one with more ports if you think you might add more computers in the future.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Basically, I like the answer. The website for this particular switch offers also a driver for Mac OS. Which driver should I go with? One for Win7 (new PC) or Mac OS? I assume it depends from which machine I would access it?
A switch shouldn't require any drivers at all as it is a passive layer 2 device. Even so I doubt you'd have to choose either Mac OS or Windows at time of purchase.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi Pat,

I swear seeing "Drivers Download" under the Downloads for the switch Smugged. But, your answer makes much more sense and I accept it and consider closed. I'm very happy with your level of expertise, and will rank you very high.

You didn't mentioned anything about my "crazy" idea to have an old PC as an Internet page server to increase a response time. I'm browsing a lot on the Internet researching various sites and keeping open a few windows at the same time. If you think it's feasible and makes sense I will open another ticket just for this issue. I used to work for Bellcore, and love to play with technology allocating a significant budget to it including all my 3 sons. So, the cost is not an issue for my network but rather a performance, availability and scalability for growth.

Many Thanks,
I didn't see the question about using a caching server. Its not likely to make a big difference on a home network, or even a small business network. The content of most web pages changes too frequently these days for caching to be of much use for improving performance. Your internet connection could probably be upgraded for a little more money per month and would show marked gains over your current level of performance.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'm using Comcast cable feed with an upgrade to 15 Mbs Blast. As I understand they are Cisco network which should be familiar to you. This download speed doesn't mean much in my opinion since this is a peak measurement. When my neighborhood gets on Internet during the prime evening hours then some "competition" for resources shows up. It's not like in DSL where a dedicated line to a switch is reserved for the session.

1. What if any tweaks you suggest for a cable modem/switch to get the max out of connection?. My modem is the latest Motorola SurfBoard Extreme, and Wireless router/switch is the latest Airport Extreme capable of double N channels.

2. There's a peculiar option for Apple Extreme called "network robustness" with a warning that it may interfere with other networks. Should I use it under certain conditions?

What's in your opinion is the next networking killer application?

Many Thanks,

1. There aren't any tweaks, other than making sure your cable modem is as close as possible to where the cable company converts the signal from fiber to coaxial.

2. This should only be needed if you are having trouble with your wireless signal. Upgrading your router to a dual radio wireless N router and all your computers to wireless N network cards will improve wireless performance. Also, adding additional wireless access points to cover other areas of your house is more efficient than employing "network robustness".

3. No idea on the next killer networking app. The trend right now is towards cloud based computing which means more bandwidth is needed by customers. The FCC is now saying they want 100 MBps in homes by 2020.
Pat and other Networking Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the info. Yes, the outside box running from the street into the house was just replaces after having a few times loosing VoP for an extended time. The Internet access since that repair has been improved. But. I have lost a confidence in having VoP provided by the cable company. If Internet is down then everything else related to is down too. So, I sighned for an old fashion twisted pair service (Local Only) with Verizon Mama.

I disagree with your assessment for the fibre need. There's no additional Killer App to drive it. We put so much fiber down during the boom that it has become a commodity.
Thank you so much for your excellent work and deep involvement.
Uri Lichtman

Don't forget about digital media delivery. The day isn't long off where everything you watch on TV will be "On Demand". The archaic days of networks streaming programs that you are supposed to adjust your schedule to so you can watch them are coming to an end. Some have even oppined that Blu-Ray might not ever be as big as DVD as digital delivery of content could supplant it. More bandwidth is needed for this to happen, and it will happen. The killer-ap is really the entire cloud computing network.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Agree. But the issue of "the last mile" is not resolved and for example FIOS Verizon is good and hungry applications but! Every place I went it's not available. Digging the last mile is not allowed by many townships.


P.S. I have received already the switch. Connected Win 7 PC and Win 7 Pro is like a Mac but wityh only one difference: it doesn't work that well and stops responding to clicks almost like a freezing effect. It takes to kill some Apps in order to regain the PC resonse. There are No devices attached! It's new out of a box Quad Pavilion p6380t CTO. I even uninstalled everything "non-Microsoft". There are a lot ! of diagnostics available and ALL pass! I may return this Win 7 or go back to XP.


Many Thanks,



Windows 7 is not bad, I'm thinking you should do a clean format and install of Windows on that new machine. Removing the junk that HP put on there is nearly impossible without just starting from scratch. In my opinion, you're better off buying clone machines from small mom and pop shops than you are buying discount rate PCs from HP. HP makes good business machines. As for their home machines, lets just say that building a machine and selling it at these low price points while making a profit is hard to do.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
In my experience ( I have spent a lot on hardware for the last 7-10 years) buying off-brand PCs is a potential to a total waste! First, they do not use standard/quality mother boards and when you need to reinstall/replace some components will require an update of non-standard drivers and maybe BIOS. I would agree a 100% with your first assertion to buy a good quad HP box and reinstall it from scratch.

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