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My home network router (WNDR3300) keeps changing the IP address

Customer Question

My home network router (WNDR3300) keeps changing the IP address for my network printer without warning which means that I have to keep correcting the port configuration on all the network PCs. What causes this and how do I stop it?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Dave W replied 7 years ago.

Based on the information you provided, it sounds like you are using your router as a DHCP server. This means that your router will provide IP addresses dynamically and it is possible that they can change from time to time, although usually they shouldn't

I say based on the info you provided because I cannot be sure of this unless I know more of your router's confg settings, but this is typically the reason for this to happen.

What you can do is create something called a reservation for DHCP which means that when your printer comes on line, it the router will recognize it based on the MAC address (which is like a hardware ID sent over the network) and then will always assign the same IP Address.

Also, you could manually set a stoic or fixed IP on the printer, but the following solution should work, if your router is the DHCP server.

Here are the instructions for setting up a DHCP reservation for your device, these instructions assume you know how to access your router's configuration pages using the web configuration manager on your browser, and you can login to web configuration manager with the correct admin username and password XXXXX configure the settings...

From the main menu of the browser interface, under Advanced, click LAN Setup. You should see the LAN Setup Screen. At the bottom of that screen, there should be a section titled "Address Reservation" as well as a table of addresses, MAC addresses and Device Names, and buttons "Add" "Edit" "Delete"

You should have your printer turned on and make sure it has an IP Address before going to this screen so that we can find the printer in the list...

See the instructions below... you per the "tip" below, you should be able to find your printer in the list and select it to use the mac address.

IF it is not in the list, you will need to get a printout of your printer's network settings which should have the MAC address listed, which you should enter on this page along with the IP address you want to assign.

This also assumes you are using the default IP addresses of the router and you did not change them.

Using Address Reservation
  1. Click Add.
  2. In the IP Address field, type the IP address to assign to the computer or server. (Choose an IP address from the router's LAN subnet, such as 192.168.1.x.)
  3. Type the MAC address of the computer or server.

    Tip: If the computer is already present on your network, you can copy its MAC address from the Attached Devices screen and paste it here.
  4. Click Apply to enter the reserved address into the table.

    Note: The reserved address is not assigned until the next time the computer contacts the router's DHCP server. Reboot the computer or access its IP configuration and force a DHCP release and renew.
** FOR YOUR PRINTER,Just cycle the power and it should get and keep the IP address you assigned in the steps above from now on.

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