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Syseng, Computer Systems Engineer
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I need help connecting an HP 1055cm plotter to my computer

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I need help connecting an HP 1055cm plotter to my computer.

Do you have a driver disk?

Also, what is the operating system of your computer?

And have you already tried to install the software for the plotter onto your computer?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
As I said in the longer explanation, I have Windows XP Professional. I don't have a driver disk, but I did download the HPGL2 driver to my C drive. I tried to install the driver, but without any success.
Ok, I see. First you need to verify that the plotter has an IP address and that your PC has connectivity to the plotter. If you know the IP address of the plotter then on the PC click Start, then Run and type CMD and press Enter. On the command line type "ping" replacing the IP address in the example with the IP address of the printer. Let me know if you receive a reply when you ping the printer or if you need assistance determining the IP address of the printer.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I don't think that the plotter has connectivity to the computer. I believe that this is at the core of the problem. Again, I have the plotter connected to an 8 port hub in the number 2 port. There is a green light on for the number 2 port, and there is a green light where the other end of the ethernet cable plugs into the plotter. Why can't the computer see the plotter?
The ping test will provide more information . The green lights tell you the ports are active and working but not whether or not TCP/IP is working (ping will tell you whether or not TCP/IP has connectivity).

Go to I/O Setup, Network Card, Configuration to see the IP address configuration and IP address. Alternatively, if you have a device on the network such as a router used to access the network that is providing IP addresses dynamically, then you can find the IP address by checking IP address assignments in the router configuration pages.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I think the real problem here is that I don't really have a network. There's a wireless router which my computer was connected to with an ethernet cable, before I got out an old 8 port hub so that I could share the one cable connection on my computer. How about going in a completely different direction? If I go to Staples and pay $40.00 for a cable that has a USB connection on one end and a parallel port connection on the other end, won't that work for me? The plotter won't be on a network, but it doesn't need to be. I'll plug the USB end into my USB hub, and the parallel end into the parallel port on my computer, then I should be able to see the plotter from the computer, right?
Yes, that should work although converters of that sort are not always reliable....but the computer would have a solid connection to the printer with minimal configuration.

Another option would be to to keep both the computer and the printer plugged into the hub, plug the hub into the wireless router on an ethernet uplink port. If the wireless router is setup to provide dynamic IP addresses then the printer and PC could communicate as long as both are setup to obtain a dynamic IP address.

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