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I'm going to start my gps tracking project using arduino

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I'm going to start my gps tracking project using arduino nano and gps module(neo 7m).
How can I calculate the time(in hours) how much my battery can power arduino and gps module in non-stop active work. I'm going to use gps on update rate 1 Hz (1 time per second)battery:
arduino nano:

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Hi Robert

So I looked it up and saw that the Arduino runs at 19mA and the GPS runs at 4.3mA when set to 1Hz.

So with those 3200mA cells you can run it on average for 96 hours.

The math: 3200 / (19+4.3) = 137.34 * .7 (for external factors limiting battery life) = 96 hours

Let me know if this answered your question or if you need anymore help.

Thank you,


Additionally since we are getting into the colder months soon, batteries will drain at a faster rate. So about 80-105 hours of battery life with a 96 hour average would be a safe estimate.

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Can you help me with gprs module sim800l. How many mA it will be use if I turn on it every 1 hour.
It was last question. Thanks in advance.

So that one is harder to say since it depends on which mode you run it in. In sleep mode it only uses 1.2mA or non if powered off completely, but when turned on it can use 217mA or more. If you leave it powered off and only turn it on to collect data in the lowest mode then you could probably get close to 90-105 hours.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thanks you.
I'm more interested in case:
1. Module turn on
2. Module has searched mobile network(a think it's during 30-60 seconds)
3. Module sends SMS or some small txt file via GPRS
4. Module turn off

Yeah that is pretty much what i figured with the previous answer I gave. So a good estimate would be 90-110 hours with the Arduino and that GPRS module, if you use the lowest mode on the module.

3200 / (19+1.2) = 158.42 * .7 = 110 hours on complete standby

3200 / (19+217) = 13.56 * .7 = 13.5 hours of full time usage

217 / 60 = 3.62 = average extra usage of turning it on for 1 minute per hour

3200 / (19+1.2+3.62) = 134.45 * .7 = 94 hours

So if you power the GPRS for roughly 1 minute every hour you could potentially get 94 hours on average.

See attachment for power draw from the different modes. Also I have seen ways to reduce the arduinos power consumption significantly but I am not very familiar with them.

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thanks a lot.