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Russell H.
Russell H., Computer Repairer
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JustAnswer I need help reconfiguring BIOS. I’m handicapped

Customer Question

I need help reconfiguring BIOS.
I’m handicapped and recently had a tech install a 1T Samsung SSD on this computer and upgraded to Windows 10. I also have a Seagate 1T hybrid drive in this computer running Windows 7 though I will upgrade to Windows 10 in the near future
The original HDD runs Windows 7.
Apparently, when the tech set up BIOS each drive is independent and when you start the SSD, for example, it assigns the SSD as C: drive and the computer does not see the other drives. Each of the three drives, the SSD, the hybrid SSD/HDD, and the HDD are each independent.
I need to move data from the previous HDD to the SSD and the hybrid drive. With the drives set up as independent drives it is necessary to copy data to a flash drive, restart the computer with the desired drive, and copy from the flash drive to the desired drive. I’m not able to use Cloud to add information to all the drives, because they are independent drives and do not see others.
Please provide a discussion of what I need to do with BIOS so that when I start one drive it will see all other drives. This will allow me to copy from one drive to another without using a flash drive.
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Computer Hardware
Expert:  Russell H. replied 12 months ago.

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do what I can to provide the right answer to your question.

The answer to your question depends upon what maker and model of PC you have, that contains these three different (and different in type of) drives.

That will determine the way that drives are set up in the BIOS Setup.

Another question - if you physically installed, or at least oversaw the installing of the drives physically...: Were the drives set up on one cable, or on separate cables to separate disk controller plugs on the mother board inside the PC?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.

It is a custom built computer with an EVGA X58 Classified 3X SLI Motherboard, full tower Thermaltake Armor case, 750 Watt PC Power Silencer Power Supply, Core i7 CPU. 12 GB RAM. It was a built as a server with three 2T Seagate drives and Video Card as I used to record movies thus the extra drives. We disconnected the two extra drives and it is for Home business use, now.

Previously the thee 2 T Seagate HDDs and a 128 GB SSD were all accessible. Reconfiguring for business only. Compressed the 2T HDD and cloned to the 1T to the 1T SSD. Change to only SSD. The intent was to upgrade to Windows 10, but it would not upgrade, thus fresh install Windows 10 on the 1T SSD and lost everything else.

Now running Windows 10 but need to move HDD to 1T SSD. Drives have separate cables. I used to build computers up to 1995, but have too much disability. Tech went home for summer after physical install.

SATA cables go to MB. Removed the 128GB SSD and installed the Samsung EVO 1T SSD. I must start the Windows 7 HDD to access everything. The 2T external Fantom backs up data Saturday morning. I have some legal work, a patent, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) preparation and want entire SSD on the 1T hybrid drive. Time constrained work needs to be safer than the Fantom backup.

Eventually will reinstall the other two 2T Seagate HDDs and clean them up. Ultimately would get new controller and create RAID 1 for 1T SSD and 1T Hybrid Seagate HDD.

For now I need to get the SSD and 2T (now compressed to 1T) on computer for transfer.

The BIOS issue needs to be resolved.

Expert:  Russell H. replied 12 months ago.

For a custom-built computer based on these parts and this setup, I am not sure I could advise you on BIOS settings.

I regret this, but I have to Opt Out, and open this to other Experts in this category.

When another Expert takes up the case, you ought to receive a notification email.

(I will still be able to see and respond to your further postings if and as needed, hopefully.)