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Russell H.
Russell H., Computer Repairer
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I have a Windows XP desktop computer. It worked fine until

Customer Question

I have a Windows XP desktop computer. It worked fine until I tried to defrag it yesterday. The Microsoft defrag program took 24 hours and never completed. So I went to the internet to find a free defrag software program to download. I found one (I don't remember the name), downloaded it, and ran it. It came up with many errors. When I clicked the "FIX" button, it wanted me to pay for the fix, so I exited out of it. I continued working with my computer. Later yesterday, I shut down the computer (as I normally do once a week). When I tried to re-boot it again, it wouldn't boot. It displays "Detecting array ...". I have tried shutting it down and re-starting it, but no luck.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer Hardware
Expert:  Mr. PC Wizard replied 1 year ago.
Could you describe the error that says detecting array? Does it boot into Windows or is this before it boots into Windows? If before Windows I would suggest checking the hard drive health via the BIOS or a boot disk. If you let me know your computer model I can provide instructions on doing that if your BIOS supports it. If the error happens after getting into Windows and you're able to access the internet, I would suggest downloading malwarebytes anti-malware to make sure the 3rd party defrag program isn't malicious and caused damage to Windows. Let me know. Thanks!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
before it boot into windows. the only info on the screen now is "MediaShield ROM Bios 6.897" and "Deleting array ..."
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It never gets to Windows.
Expert:  Mr. PC Wizard replied 1 year ago.
What were the symptoms leading up to defragging the drive? The fact it took 24 hours for the defrag and now isn't booting is strong symptom that the hard drive may have failed and needs to be replaced.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I had never run DEFRAG before. I ran DEFRAG -av, and it said I had severe defragmentation. So I ran DEFRAG -fv. It spent 2-3 hours without returning, so I did a CTRL-C to exit. I did some other work on the computer (with no problems). Then I ran DEFRAG -fv again. it ran overnight (12+ hours) but never returned. So I did a CTRL-C again to exit. I did some more work on my computer (with no problems). I then went to the Internet to search for a defragmentation program (preferably no cost). I read some reviews, and finally downloaded one (I don't remember the brand name). I ran it and it said I had a lot of defragmentation and other problems. So I clicked on the "FIX" button. It then said I had to buy the software. I decided I didn't want to buy an unknown brand, so I exited out of the program. I then did some more work on my computer (with no problems). At the end of the day, I shut the computer down (as I normally do about once a week). When I tried to start it up, it wouldn't boot. That's where we are now.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
When I was researching defragmentation programs, I came across several comments which said that the Microsoft DEFRAG program was incredibly slow, and it was recommended not to use it.
Expert:  Mr. PC Wizard replied 1 year ago.
The fact the defragmentation took so long could be a sign the hard drive is bad. Defragmentation running longer than 24 hours is very rare on any version of Windows later than 98/ME. The next step should be verifying whether the hard drive is bad or not. What brand and model of PC do you have? Hard drive diagnostics are sometimes available in the BIOS, otherwise you might be able to test it with a boot disk with diagnostic tools (ultimate boot cd for example)
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It won't boot off of a floppy disk. I have to go now. I will get back with tomorrow.
Expert:  Mr. PC Wizard replied 1 year ago.
Finding out how to get into the bios by providing your make and model of PC or system board would be easiest, usually it's the f12, f10, or del key when you first turn on the PC and it's on the POST screen. If we can't get it to go into the bios you can burn a boot***@******.***
Expert:  Mr. PC Wizard replied 1 year ago.
Hello,Were you still having an issue with bootup and can we provide any additional assistance? If you were able to resolve the issue using my suggestions please remember to rate as this is the only way we get paid. Let me know if we can help further. Thanks!

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