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I have a Lacie 5big 20TB external hard drive with a

Customer Question

I have a Lacie 5big 20TB external hard drive with a thunderbolt cable. I cannot find anyone that can help me find a hub, expansion card, or cable that will let me connect the thunderbolt cable to my PC. I have a Lenovo K450e desktop. Can anyone help?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Computer Hardware
Expert:  remoteITpro replied 1 year ago.


I would like to help you with this question. Your PC, depending on the exact model has an available PCI Express slot. You can get a PCI Express card that provides a Thunderbolt port from About $75 to $100 on Amazon depending on which one you buy.

Might be cheaper on ebay, but riskier. == Best Regards, remoteITpro

Expert:  remoteITpro replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry, I was reading too fast. No, that card will not work in your system. Checking other options for you.

Unfortunately (and I did not know this till just now myself) - the Thunderbolt cards that are out there for PCs require system boards with a special Thunderbolt Header port. The cards use a PCI Express port, and have a cable that has to plug in to one of the very few available system boards built with that capability. From what I can tell, your PC does not have this capability. And there is not a USB to Thunderbolt.

You purchased a nice PC, and a spectacular drive. Any chance you can return the Lacie and get the NAS version?

Otherwise, I guess you could attempt replacing the system board itself in the PC with one that has the Thunderbolt header. Asus makes a few of these boards, and they make one of the very few available PCI Express cards that provide a Thunderbolt port.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I had talked with Lacie tech support and lenovo which both stated that there should be an expansion card that would allow connection of the thunderbolt 2 cable to the PC. I need to know what to purchase? Thank you
Expert:  remoteITpro replied 1 year ago.

My first response was to agree, it should be a no brainer. However, my first searches yielded very little, and I thought I had found something, by my first reply. Then I got to reading further, and realized that no - it was not going to work.

I cannot speak for Lenovo. If they told you there was a header for thunderbolt, then maybe there is. I do not know. When I pulled up the specs from the Lenovo site, no where was mentioned anything about a "Thunderbolt" header being available. I searched and search and could not find a card or device to provide a Thunderbolt connection on a PC, unless it has that special connector needed on the system board. I agree, you bought some nice equipment for sure. It is just one of those things where Thunderbolt has really not taken off - particularly on the PC side of things. As mentioned before I would suggest sending the Lacie back or consider the option of replacing your system board, or send the Lenovo back.

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