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Mike, Consultant
Category: Clock Repair
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Experience:  I've been active in clock repair for 14 years - NAWCC member.
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How can I fix a grandfather clock to run? Small clo, small

Customer Question

How can I fix a grandfather clock to run?
JA: I throw away my watch whenever it stops moving. Some people love fixing timepieces. Differences like that make the world go round I guess - maybe that's clockwork too. Please tell me everything you can so the Clock Technician can help you best.
Customer: Small clo
JA: Is there anything else important you think the Clock Technician should know?
Customer: small clock, moved to a few different homes and quit working. The weights seem okay and chiming okay when clock runs. Seems to be out of balance.
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Clock Repair
Expert:  Mike replied 2 months ago.

Hi, My name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you. First make sure the weights are in there proper order if they are not marked on the bottom the heaviest weight goes on the RIGHT it runs the chimes, the next heaviest in the CENTER it runs the pendulum, the lightest on the LEFT it runs the strike. When you start the pendulum does it stop after a few minutes? Most times this happens because the clock is not "in beat". A clock is "in beat" when the time between each tick/tock cycle is evenly spaced. To determine if your clock is out of beat, start the pendulum swinging and carefully listen to the tick and tock. If it the time between each tick/tock is uneven your clock will not run correctly. If the time between the ticks and the tocks is even your clock is "in beat". If your clock is not "in beat", there are several things you can try to correct the beat. The method used to adjust the escapement is different from clock to clock. Let the pendulum hang in its neutral position and place a piece of masking tape on the case just below the pendulum. Mark the neutral point on the masking tape. Move the pendulum to the left, marking the point where the clock ticks. Next, move the pendulum to the right, marking the point where the clock ticks. As a rough estimate the two outer makes should be evenly spaced from the center point. If they are not even, you will need to adjust the escapement until they are even. The best way to do this is to twist the "anchor pallet" on its arbor. However, in most case, it will be difficult to do that because the anchor is often to tight. Instead, bend the pendulum crutch to achieve the same result. For the clock running slow if you look on the bottom of the pendulum you will see a rating nut if you raise the bob, the clock will run faster. You can turn the rating nut one full turn for every minute that the clock is slow. Try this option out and if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself let me know your zip code location and I can locate a clock repair shop in your area. Thanks Mike

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