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Mike, Consultant
Category: Clock Repair
Satisfied Customers: 3064
Experience:  I've been active in clock repair for 14 years - NAWCC member.
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I have a large wall hanging Tempus Fugit key wound striking

Customer Question

I have a large wall hanging Tempus Fugit key wound striking clock that has quit working. I have had this clock for about 30 years and I really miss it. Sometimes it will quit when it is not plumbed or "in balance", but nothing seems to work right now. HELP
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Clock Repair
Expert:  Mike replied 1 year ago.

Hi, My name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you. I get this all the time in my repair shop and it turns out to be maintenance. Your best start would first be maintenance as a clock ages the oils and lubricants become gummy and the movement starts slowing down and then finally come to a stop or it may become dry and the same problem may happen. What happens is that the old gummy oil inside the coils of the mainsprings causes the coils to stick not being able to release the power to make the clock run especially when wound to tight so it may need cleaning and oiling as they should about every 3 to 5 years. To save my customers money from me servicing there clock I recommend one of the best cleaning kits available it comes with a step by step downloadable E BOOK and they ship worldwide I have told countless customers from around the world that have used this kit to service there clocks themselves. A good cleaning and re oiling job will add life and enjoyment. Just click the link below if it will let you if not go to and type the link on the google search bar. When the page comes up go to clock tools cleaning and oiling or go to the search line type in clock cleaning E book when that page comes up scroll down to clock cleaning kit then click view page. Next you can try to run the clock manually by moving the minute hand clockwise stopping to let the clock chime this will allow the Right & LEFT mainsprings to wind down if you have 3 winding ports if you only have 2 winding ports the RIGHT is for the strike and the left for your time. I would try cleaning and re oiling the movement first and start there. Try these option out and let me know what happens. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself I can locate a clock repair company in your area just let me know your zip code location and I'll find a company that can help you with your clock. Thanks Mike


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The success of this E-Book is from the simplicity in the answers and the ease of use. This will make it very easy for the clock owner to solve simple problems that may arise when there is an issue with the clock.

The topics you see below are the actual topics that are presented on the cover page of the E-Book. Please review them and see if this E-Book will help you. You will find this very helpful in solving many different clock repair issues and questions on cleaning and oiling a movement.


Spring Driven

  • Introduction
  • Putting it "In Beat"
  • Ticks ok but stops
  • No tick tock sound
  • Working with mainsprings
  • Chiming the wrong time
  • Setting quarter chimes
  • Cleaning - Assembled
  • Cleaning - Disassembled
  • Reassembling the works
  • Repair methods
  • Replacing with a new movement