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Chris C
Chris C, Professional Clock Repairer (5yrs+)
Category: Clock Repair
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Experience:  MBHI (Member of British Horological Institute), Masters in Physical Sciences (Cambridge University)
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My clock will not stay ticking. The pendulum stops after only

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My clock will not stay ticking. The pendulum stops after only a couple minutes of swinging. I don't think it has that sharp tick tock sound that it had but a softer sound. Also there is a thin black stiff wire like piece that hangs down in front of the "bell" that used to be behind it I think. Can't imagine how it could have come out from behind there. It makes the clock strike when it is pushed up and a fly wheel thingy starts spinning and then the hours strike.
Here's what happened. This very old over 100 year old clock has been around. I took it down to paint the wall. Did not remove the pendulum which rocked around back and forth. The piece that holds the pendulum came off so I got your expert help to put it back on. The clock is treated well and that's all I know of that disturbed it. No loose pieces floated out except the piece tha held the pendulum which is now back on. What do I do next? It hasn't been oiled in years. My grandmother used to say tickle it with a feather with kerosine on it. When the pendulum was off I let it run almost all the way down. It took about 15 minutes to run each hour because the pendulum wasn't on it to slow it down.



Just to let you know I've seen your question but am busy for the next could of hours. Will respond to you when I can


Thanks, Chris.

Hi there


The fact that the clock ticks away rapidly without the pendulum suggests that sufficient power is getting to the pendulum for it to run OK. If this were not the case I'd suspect it needed cleaning oiling or servicing.


So the first thing to check is that it is 'in beat'. The pendulum should tick with an even beat - like a metronome - tick .. tock .. tick .. tock.. If it's not doing this, it will stop.


The easiest way to adjust this in the first instance is simply to tip the clock on the wall. It doesn't matter if the case is not vertical, as long as the sound is even. If it will run ok with the case at an angle we can sort that out after.


Can you let me know if this works. If not we need to try some other things.


Thanks, Chris.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Ha! I think I'll have to blame this one on the husband. He must have taken the shelf down to paint and put it back up crooked. I was heart sick that my clock might be broken. It works on a different surface!!!! Thanks so much. If I have anymore questions I'll try to direct them to you, but for now my questions have been answered. This is an awesome sight and you were a great help. I know you probably think it was a simple thing, but it's huge to me to have the clock not broken and working.



Sorry I didn't realise it was a mantle clock, but obviously the same applies as you've worked out. You said you took it down to paint the wall and that threw me!


Either way if it's ticking evenly it should hopefully be fine now.


All the best, Chris.

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