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Category: Classic Car
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GMC: How do I remove the. Ignition switch on a 1978 Vandur

Customer Question

How do I remove the. Ignition switch on a 1978 Vandura?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Classic Car
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
hi, here is a link to show you how to remove the ignition switch .all gm's are the same if you have a tilt wheel just put that in the middle (straight) position.I will explain a few things tools you need are ; phillip screwdriver#20 torx screw driver or bit steering wheel removal puller lock plate removal toola couple of thin blade screw drivers (for removing the lock plate clip)when using the lock plate tool just get it so the plate moves down enough to beable to get a screwdrive blade under the clip and the other screwdriver is used to pry the clip a little away from the steering column shaft . When to have the clip pulled away from the column a little then use the other screwdriver to pry up from under the clip and when that is done then use the screwdriver that you used for prying the clip away from the shaft and use that to pry the clip up working around the column shaft .the clip will pop up .after removing the screws out of the turn signal switch you just oull up the switch to get at the small torx screw .there should be enough wiring slack in the turn signal switch to pull it up and out of the way .to get at the torx screw.if not then you need to just lock at the lower part of the column where the end of the wiring harness for the turn signal switch is clipped and un-clip it from the steering column .the rest is explained in this video clip ..thank you ..jazzmaster .. doesnt matter what position the ignition switch is in just remember to put the new key lock cylinder in the same position as the one you removed if the key was stuck and you couldnt remove or turn the ignition