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Chevrolet Corvette: My 1964 Corvette had been running fine. I

Customer Question

My 1964 Corvette had been running fine.
I went to start it Sat. nite, it barely turned over. I charged the battery overnite that nite, still nothing. When I connected battery cable to boost last night ( Sunday ), all lights lit right up. The battery was new last Summer. I again charged overnite last nite. Tonite I went to start it & nothing, no power at all nothing happens even when I connect booster cables. Could it be starter? Why is there no power at all? The wiring harness is only several years old, connections are fine at the firewall. Help. If battery was pooched would car still not take a boost?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Classic Car
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
hi, how are you charging the battery ?slow charge overnight 10 amp or less charging rate ?Or a faster boost charge ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, older charger, 6 amp overnight. Why won't it at least take a boost? Makes no sense at all.
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
yeah, batteries will and do fail like that ,even though it is fairly new .
when a battery has a really dead cell or cells in it, it doesn't allow the electrodes to flow through the battery
do you have headlights or radio power ,cigarette lighter ?
without a jump or with a jumper ?
do you have power at the starter and then the little wire at the starter when you try to crank it -I know it doesn't crank but that is with the key in the crank position ?
Was this car running recently or was it sitting ?
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
if I helped you please let me know
If you still need assistance let me know as well ...
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
hey sorry for not getting back earlier was travelling on biz.
Ya car ran perfect, was driving both days prior. Put new battery in it 2 days ago, full charge went to start turned over once all power stopped.
Checked all cables, battery ends are clean etc. I can't trace what is happening....stuck!!!
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
at the starter do you have battery voltage ?
any headlights or parking lights ?
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
there are fusible links I believe near the wiring at the starter ,if you have voltage going to the starter then check those ..jazzmaster ..
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
hello? Do you still need help with this question ?
....jazzmaster ...
Expert:  jazzmaster replied 2 years ago.
hihi, did this information help you ?if so please rate me positive as that is the only way I get credit and we can still continue to work on this please don/t rate me if you still need help ..thank you ..jazzmaster