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Chevrolet Impala: do i need a special tool to instal some back

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do i need a special tool to instal some back coil springs on my car? i bought the car like this on the driver back wheel the spring is half way out, it poped out when they was loading it, how do i reinstall it or a new set?
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No special tools required to reinstall the spring on your Impala. If the spring is undamaged, you can reinstall it and do not need to purchase a new set. Jack the car up and support the car under the frame with jack stands. Then place a jack under the rear axle and jack the axle up an inch or two. Remove the lower shock mounting nuts and disconnect the bottom of the shocks. Then lower the jack, letting the axle drop down. Now the springs can be set into place. Jack the rear axle back up and reconnect the shocks. Then the car can be removed from the jack stands.

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