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Chevrolet Corvette: 1972 Corvette - 4 speed manual. When I

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1972 Corvette - 4 speed manual. When I am starting from a stop, as I'm just disengaging the clutch there is a sort of clacking sound that is about 1/2 second apart. It makes the clack between 1-3 times (mostly 1 or 2) and it disappears when the clutch is fully released. I've tried to listen for it while traveling up the gears, but I can't hear it over the engine at that point. I've read some stuff that it might be a clutch throwout bearing, and I'm curious if that sounds like the issue to you as well, and if you have any other recommendations outside of that.

hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help you ,try this or see if it does the same thing in 2nd gear ,I would highly suspect the throwout bearing or even the clutch disc as well. if it does the same thing in 2nd gear ..

jazzmaster ...

let me ask you if you can hear the same noise when in reverse ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have been able to start moving in 2nd gear from a stop, and it does it then as well. I've also heard it backing out of the garage in reverse.


Sometimes it's actually difficult to get the shifter into reverse. I usually have to play with it (slide from 1-2 a couple times) to get it to let me to push it all the way left and forward into reverse.


If it's the throwout bearing would it be worth it to tear apart the clutch just for that, or would I be better off doing a full clutch repair (pressure plate, disc and throwout bearing)?

yes, it would be worth it to tear it down and replace the throwout bearing as well as the clutch disc/pressure plate as a set .

the reason I am saying this is that the pressure plate may have wear on it that you cant see ,such as spring tension .,once apart check the throwout bearing for resistance/noise etc..

also .check the flywheel for small hairline cracks/discolorization etc. and if possible have the flywheel turned if it looks not right ..

it is always better to replace all the parts if you do not remember when the last time it had a clutch put in or if the throwout bearing is bad.. as always ,it kind of is a pain to have to do the job twice ,if you only replace the throwout bearing and then put it back together only to find some other noise or issue ...jazzmaster ..

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