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Pontiac rally sport firebird: I have a 67 firebird with the

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I have a 67 firebird with the OH 6 engine and the Rochester 4 barrel carburator. everything is in excellent shape but hardly run in the last six years. I want to start the engine again but can't take the car out of the garage because of my slant driveway. Last time I tried starting the engine by pouring some gasoline down the carburator I allmost set my garage on fire. Luckily I threw a large towel on flames and snuffed them out. Any tips would be appreciated.
klaus Lehmann [email protected]

Go to a parts store and buy a can of carb spray and then spray about a 1 second blast down into the top of the carb. It will take the place of using gas and is much safer. It may start then stall out so it might take a few trys until the fuel pump fills up the carb.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Will my old gasolene from the tank still work?


How long has it been in there? 6 Years?

How much is in the tank?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes 6 years, only a couple of gallons and I added some STA sometime ago

Thanks Klaus,

If it only has a couple of gallons just put in 5 gallons or so of fresh gas and see if it runs. It should be enough to dilute the old gas. Worse case you might have to replace the fuel filter a couple of times but the pump and carb should be ok. Its worth a try before going through all the hassle of draining the tank, replacing the fuel pump and tearing apart the carb.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Does anybody still sells replacement Rochester 4 barrel carburators. I know that they used several serial numbers. I have one of the first ones.


There are some rebuilts out there but i would just have yours rebuilt because like you said there are a lot of different numbers out there that correlate to jet size, etc...that will make a big difference.
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