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jazzmaster, Classic Car Mechanic
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Chevrolet Monte Carlo: I have a 72 Chevy Monte Carlo restored

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I have a 72 Chevy Monte Carlo restored and give to me by my dad. I drove it 3000 miles without a problem, except occasional air conditioning weakness. For the last few months I have had problems getting it to start. I jump started it with another vehicle and after about 30 minutes it started and ran with no problems. This happened a few times, so I bought a new battery. It still wouldnt start so someone told me to check and clean connectors. I did and it started with ease. I also had the alternator tested and am told it is fine. Now, all I get is clicking sounds when tryiing to start. The lights are bright inside the car, but nothing but clicking when I try to start....

hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will help you .

ok, if it was starting good with the new battery and this is a new issue ,I would highly suspect the starter is bad .

from all the cranking and trying to start the car with the old battery caused the starter to have to work harder and drawing too much amperage which in turn hurt the starter

I would take the starter out and have it tested but I feel highly that the starter is bad from the cranking you were doing before you changed the battery .jazzmaster ..

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How do I locate and remove the starter to get it tested? I have to go to work, so will check back during lunch


the starter is located at the rear of the motor-passenger side-at the botton of the motor where the motor and transmission meet .

disconnect the neg battery terminal off the battery amd the there are 2 bolts holding the starter in .

if possible remove the wiring to the starter before taking out the bolts ....jazzmaster ..

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