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RIP ROBERT, Classic Car Mechanic
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1971 chevelle ss: temp gauge..hooked..put back..fuel gauge same thing

Customer Question

1971 chevelle ss gauges
1. Temp gauge pegs to right. I had gauge cluster out hooked up sensor and it worked, put back in car and gauge pegs.?
2. Fuel gauge same thing work out of car pegs when back in. have continuity on wire from point a to point b.?
3. Tack work but now does not?
Rewire car due to short causing batter to die, could not find problem so installed new harnes. wire fron dist. to gauge is good?

Any help would be great.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Classic Car
Expert:  RIP ROBERT replied 6 years ago.


Hi; I am not sure about the tack yet, But the Other gauges on peg if they are grounded, so you must have a wire that is grounded that shouldn't be in the harness.

JACUSTOMER-69243hjc- :

I tried to hit the reply before but did not allow for response. A ground problem is the first thing that everyone tells on auto electric auto to look for, I had done that. you . That was not the problem, it was a power problem to all the gauges. once the motor is reinstalled and fired up I think the tach problem will be resolved as well. Your answer was not helpful so I don't acept any charge to my credit card.