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Differential..bolt..(shafts, cover, bearing caps)..guys

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how to remove differential carrier from a 72 BOP 10 bolt rear everything is off already (shafts, cover, bearing caps) just need to get the carrier out as a whole (ring gear and eaton posi unit as one)real easy one but i am in a spot and think I am just missing one thing most likely! Thanks guys!
Hi, thanks for asking.. First you have to get the axles out.. There are 2 different ways they can be in there.. with or withot c-clips.. I have made the instructions for both of those into a pdf so you can look into how to do that. Then once they are out, it is simple as unbolting and removing the carrier..
Here is a link to the instructions on the 'hard part' getting the axles out of the housing..

If I have been helpful, so far, click Accept so I can get credit for this.. and of course.. if you need anything else, I will still be here. Cool
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Relist: Wish I could talk back to him, we were just not on the same page. Needed a completely different answer but he was right on what he told me, just was wrong answer.
Wish I could talk back to him, we were just not on the same page. Needed a completely different answer but he was right on what he told me, just was wrong answer
What's the deal? Are you trying to just change the whole rear end or something?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I totally understand what you sent and thanks for that but I am way past that part I have it all broken down I just need to get the ring gear and posi unit out as one piece, even have removed bearing caps and everything just cant get the gears out
Well, if you have the cpas off and the axles out, then the carrier should come on out. I have had to 'pop' them loose with a prybar before because they can get 'stubborn'.. You may also try spinning the pinion gear a little bit to loosen it from the gears, while pulling it out.. anyways, I have found a other file that will give you the basics of what is needed to put it back together.. here is a link to that:
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Man I have done it all! I tryed the pry bar thing and all but everything stays the same! bearings don't move er nothin. any tips? maybe tilt it on its side er some thing? I am gonna pay ya for your answer just wanna get as much feedback as possible that sucker is in there! I know with the c-clip style you have to take out that center large pin in the posi carrier, but mine is not c-clip (obviously cause I already have the axles out) do I need to take that out to get it out? dont think so but could be wrong! any more input?
Ohhh it still has the pin in it to hold the spider gears? yes you would need to take that out! Those small gears are what locks everything together.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
even though it is not a c clip rear?
yeah, it still has the spider gears in there huh?
Is there a way you can send me a picture of it?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

ya they are still in there. I can taotally send you a pic right away got camera right here and it is in the garage waitin for me! just give me a place to send it! Thanks by the way! I am an ASE tech too but don't do rears yet (only 3 years in and not a master tech yet, and goin to school for the business side) so really appriciate the help! I am getting the rear powdercoated so had to tear her down. Thanks again my friend!



yeah, to post the pic on your reply, .. at the top of your 'typing box' should be a link that says show toolbar.. hit that, and then there will be an icon of a picture of a tree.. click it, hit browse on the woindow that pops up, and pick your picture.. It has to be jpg to put it on here.. or you can just upload it to a site like photobucket or senduit and send me a link to it.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
nice! yup thats the one.. those springs are what press against the other gear to make it 'kick in' on the other side.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Cool! Great guy man really appriciate it all! Anything else comes up I will come back to you. Wish me luck man on my A-3 will be taking it next! then got one more to take and I will have all 8!! Thanks for everything!
Ahh those tests are all pretty basic stuff, if you know how the system works and read the questions carefully, you won't have any problems. I am getting away from the cars, just doesn't seem to be much money in it anymore.. The people are jsut as broke as the car.. lol.. I do investments for people turning $50's into $250's.. legally.

I still do this though to help people the best I can through these channels. Have a good one.. if you need anything else, I will be here. Cool
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Ya I hear ya, that is why I am doing the business side so I can run the show, but not own the place, hope it works out. Either way I will find somethin as I am a Operations Management major. Then just use my auto knowledge for myself and family and friends. By the way how the hell do I get that damn Pinion shaft out? got the nut off and seal pulled but am stumped it doesn't move.
Hows it goin? get it figured out yet?
You have to hold the pinion while taking the nut off.. impact guns are usually strong enough to get it loose.. and to stop the pinion from twisting, you can hold it with a pipe wrench, or 'make' a tool to bolt to the flange where the driveshaft goes to hold it that way. I have always used a trusty 3 foot pipe wrench, though.. I know its overkill but I like my knuckles to stay in 1 piece, lol.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
haha! ya I like my knuckles just fine too! haha! Ya I have everything torn down and the bolt and yoke off the pinion, but cant figure out how to get the pinion shaft out of the actual rear housing. I removed the seal on the yoke side and see a timkin bearing but it doesnt come out. So now stuck again! haha! What a day!