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Category: Classic Car
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Experience:  A1-A8,Li,B5,T2 ASE,triple chrysler master tech,HEV spec.
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how to replace heater core 1966 ford galaxie 500 ac

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how to replace heater core 1966 ford galaxie 500 ac

Hi my name is John.


1 remove the hood,right hinge support bracket and the right hinge and mounting.

2 Loosen the wiring harness from the right fender and move harness to one side.

3drain cooling system and disconnect heater hoses from core and move out of way.

4 Run a strip of masking tape down the leading edge of the right front door to protect edge.

5 Unfasten at the rear of the right front fender,the bolts holding the fender to the body.

6 Block fender away from body and remove bolts holding heater housing to the dash.

7 Lift the fender and pull out the heater housing and core assembly.

8 Take cover off the housing and remove core.


Let me know if you need more.


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