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I don't see where is the brake light switch for my Chrysler

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I don't see where is the brake light switch for my Chrysler crossfire
JA: Okay, I'll connect you to the mechanic to help find that for your Chrysler Crossfire. Before I do, is there anything else you want him to know?
Customer: No hat's it thank you


Ok, I need to get the year of your Crossfire

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Did you find it?


2005 Chrysler Crossfire V6-3.2L VIN L

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The Brake Switch/BAS Solenoid Valve is part of the Brake Booster Assembly.The power brake booster must be replaced in the event of a Brake Switch/BAS solenoid valve failure. The Brake Lamp Switch is integrated with the BAS Solenoid Valve. As the brake pedal is applied, the brake switch is activated and a signal is sent to the CAB module. The CAB then grounds the coil side of the brake lamp relay. This action completes the brake lamp circuit, and allows the brake lamps and Center High Mounted Stop Lamp to illuminate. When the brake pedal is released, the plunger returns to its rested position, and the brake lamp relay is de-energized. As the relay is de-energized, the brake lamps are again returned to their off state.

Attached is diagram of its location on the booster

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Do you hava a picture of it , the part I have and what you are showing me don't look the same at all

That is the only one I have of it. I assume the part you have has a plunger on one end. That is not the correct part despite what some autoparts stores say

The part is integrated into the brake booster and therefore is replaced as part of the booster assembly. It is not sold separately

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