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Tool Hut
Tool Hut, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Chrysler
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Experience:  Owner of a mobile diagnostics company assisting auto technicians with difficult vehicles
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OMG! This is exactly what I have been going through with my

Customer Question

OMG! This is exactly what I have been going through with my Sebring for the past 4 years or so !!! No body ( even 3 off the best mechanics I know ) also a Car repair place that supposedly specializes in Crysler COULD3find the problem , they changed a relay switch & said that I was all set ! I knew that it was not that ! The mechanics I've had look at it spend days trying to find the problem and couldn't, so Ialthough the car was running fine the day I brought it in to the Crysler specialist in explainedible clearly that on a dry day it starts & runs fine . However if it rained or snowed OR is humid outside , OMG! It takes up to 8 / 10 times of turning the key for it to finally start , then even if I let it run a half hour , doesn't matter ! When I go to take off the car will stall , if it dosent stall it ( I don't know what the heck to call it ) RUNS really bad ....Barry moving , I have to let off the gas and put my has a deeds on so other cars will go around me ! My Son calls it shudders, but yeah like it's going to stall . I live 5 minutes from the highway , some times it will take me 20 minutes to get there ! Everytime I have to slow down or stop at a red light , it will stall when I press on the gas . Even though I put the car in neutral while I'm at the light , I keep giving it gas to keep it going but as soon as I put it in drive and try to go , it stalls !
When I finally get on the highway and it will run really rough until it " dries " out seems like then it runs fine !
The 1st time it happened I was at the beach with my Son and it was extremely humid , ever since NOBODY has been able to figure out the problem . The started has been changed , the distributor cap and all that , my x has put that dry fuel additive or something like that everytime I'd fill the tank last year , maybe every other 3 times I'd fill it , like I said nobody knows what to do . I'm a female and I bought this car new in 2000 . It's the better one JXI ...or whichever is the better one , has the better shocks etc ...
It was only driven in the Summers for the first 5 years . As its a convertible , when we split up I had to drive it in the winter months without anymore garage to put it in . Now it has 140 know on it everything else seems to be fine except for this HUGE problem . Can you please help me ? Also what is the recall for ? I don't know what the letters stand for .
Thanks for any help / suggestions for fixing this problem
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Chrysler
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Sorry , my phone has a mind of its own . Somethings are spelled wrong . Such as , I was saying ...The Crysler specialist Could not find the problem . The day I brought it in to them , it was running fine . I explained how bad it runs when it's HUMID or rained out even snow . Also if it doesn't stall its barely moving , my Son calls it studdering...I have to put my hasserd..blinkers on , So other cars can go around me . Some days it starts right up .
Mostly not tho in expecially this Summer when it's been humid all Summer ! It' has 140 k...miles on it . All else seems fine . Except for some ( play ) in the steering lately. Don't know why that happened . I bought 4 new tires about 3 years ago , and I swear they sold me the wrong size . Not sure if it's that or has something to do with the problem of not running well . Seems to be getting worse as time goes on .
Expert:  Tool Hut replied 11 months ago.

Hi, My Name is ***** ***** for posting your question to just answer. I am a independent contractor for just answer, and ASE Certified Master Auto Technician with 20 years experience. I am confident we can resolve your problem together.Please remember I don't know your skill level. I can't see, smell, hear, or touch the vehicle. It may take a few back and forth replies to get to a satisfactory resolution.There will probably be some equipment needed for a proper diagnosis. If you are not comfortable with this or do not have any test equipment please let me know ASAP. I also try to give all of the information you may need expecting a positive rating. I am not compensated for my time until you leave a positive rating. Your rating should be based on the service you received.

on a clear day have you tried misting water on the underhood components while it is running and see if you can determine what is causing fault? Get a spray bottle and just mist it paying attention to where it is spraying. it is likely you have a plug wire arcing. It may help to have someone inside the car with it in drive or reverse and foot firmly on brake and just a little gas. approximately 1000 RPM

Expert:  Tool Hut replied 11 months ago.

Hello, I have not heard from you in a few days. Do you still need assistance? I also noticed you haven't left a rating. I have assisted in good faith and am only compensated when you leave a positive rating. Please let me know if there is anything else you need to leave a positive rating. Conversations can always continue after a rating is received.