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My 2005 chrysler 300 5.7 would not run barely started and

Customer Question

my 2005 chrysler 300 5.7 would not run barely started and stopped I replace the crank senor now I get nothing when i turn the key. Where should i start looking or should i replace the crank sensor again (the one I purchased was made in mexico)
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  david craig replied 12 months ago.

Hi Im David. First off always use oem parts when it comes to electronics. I would put the old one back in. see if it cranks. then we can go from there.

Expert:  david craig replied 12 months ago.

any update?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
I have tried two different new crank sensors and the original one the new one,s where made in mexico purchased from the dealer.
I jumped the starter it works fine. the transmission is been freshly serviced. This all started when my wife after a day of stop and go driving tried to start the car it cranked hard then made a popping sound, this is what i was told. I then tried to start the car it ran briefly and made noise from what sounded like it came from the bell housing. I removed the transmission it seemed to be fine only having 54000 miles on the car. To see if the problem was in the transmission or engine I installed the trans with out the torque converter and tried to run the engine it would not run long, that when i Changed the crank sensor and reinstalled the transmission correctly,when i went to start the car key on all parts of the instrament panel, gages and lites work properly, when i turn key to start position i get nothing. Which relay supply power to the PCM and fuel pump. Do you have any thoughts as to what the problem is?
thank you steve
Expert:  david craig replied 12 months ago.

wow you put in some work my friend. let me send yo a print of the starting/engine control circuit. in the meantime check any fuse related to IGN/CRK/ECM/PCM/BAT/START

Expert:  david craig replied 12 months ago.
Expert:  david craig replied 11 months ago.

do you still need assistance

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I my need live phone talk but it would have to be on Saturday or Sunday when I am at my shop, if that would work for you let me know. Here is what else I have tried, added grounds, tried the other key. The red lite on the left side of the gauge panel comes on when the key is turn on then go out, I think that is normal. I pulled the 100 amp circuit breaker that is in the rear fuse panel for about 5 min. Nothing has changed anything. I think I well need to find the terminals in the control modulals (ECU, PCM) that power the relays.
I need to know where each of the relative parts are located. and which parts would need able to interrupt the engine cranking circuit.
thank you Steve
Expert:  david craig replied 11 months ago.

yea sure....ill keep this open