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Car won't start and can't get the car out of park.
, we

Customer Question

Customer: ***** *****, car won't start and can't get the car out of park.
JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?
Customer: we had the car in a year or so ago when it wouldn't start. they replaced the tpm? box they programmed one key, then we took it back to program the other. since then, we've had issues with it not wanting to start off and on. think it doesn't like that second key much. right now it won't start and we can't get it in neutral to try to start it like we did a few days ago.
JA: OK got it. Last thing — JustAnswer charges a fee (generally around $16) to post your type of question to Chrysler Experts (you only pay if satisfied). There are a couple customers ahead of you. Are you willing to wait a bit?
Customer: if it helps to get the car out of park and into neutral, or to get the car started, I don't mind waiting. I don't want to pay anything if we can't get the car started or in neutral.
JA: OK. Now I'm going to take you to a page to place a secure deposit with JustAnswer. Don't worry, this chat is saved. After that, we will finish helping you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Eric replied 1 year ago.


I am sorry that you have not been helped yet. I just came online and saw your question

Hopefully you have gotten it started, but if not, I will be happy to help you but I need to know the year, make and model of your vehicle as none of the critical information is posted

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The car is a 2010 Chrysler Sebring with a 2.7L engine. It would not start for us for 3 days with us messing with it and trying to start it about 20 or 30 times, but the tow truck driver got it started when he got here to take it to the dealership. Needless to say, we were very frustrated that he got it to start when we couldn't, but relieved that it started. It was still extremely hard to shift after he started it, but he did manager to get it to move down to neutral. It was incredibly stiff, and we are still having him take it to the dealership to have them find out why it wouldn't start for us for 3 days and to check out the issue with the gear shift. If you have any information for the future if/when this happens again, please let us know.
Expert:  Eric replied 1 year ago.


Ok, When it wouldnt start, did the key turn in the ignition, but just no noise, or did the key not turn at all?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The key turned and no noise, just the dings and lights that normally come on when trying to start the car.
Expert:  Eric replied 1 year ago.


Ok, that is usually due to either the transmission range sensor or adjustment needed for the shift cable, which is causing it to not register being in park. Hopefully they get it repaired correctly and you dont have this issue again, BUT in case they dont, if it happens again, you need someone to rock the vehicle back and forth by pushing on the bumper as you alternate between turning the key and jiggling the shifter. This will help lock it into part and have the shift interlock recognize it being in park

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