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When refueling the 300 C, the car will die several times

Customer Question

When refueling the 300 C, the car will die several times before returning to a normal idle
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Virtual Wrench replied 1 year ago.


This is a very common occurrence on this vehicle.

This is caused by liquid fuel entering the evporative emissions sytem. The evap system stores fuel vapors from the tank and burns them in the engine so they don't go into the atmosphere.

When you fill the fuel tank the air in the tank has to be displaced by the incoming fuel. This air can't go into the atmosphere, so it leaves the tank and goes through the vapor canister, then through another line and through a filter before it goes into the atmosphere. On top of the fuel tank where this vapor recovery line leaves and goes to the canister there is a valve that is only supposed to allow vapor to leave and should shut off when liquid fuel gets to it. When this valve fails it will allow liquid fuel to be pushed up into the lines and into the vapor canister. When you start the engine the purge solenoid will come on shortly to pull vapors from the canister and burn them. What it gets instead is this liquid fuel that shouldn't be there, so it runs very rich and can die at idle. As the liquid gets burned out it will run better.

There are two ways to go about fixing it. The cheapest way would be to not fill the tank completely and this will stop the liquid from pushing into the canister. The only permanent and actual fix is to replace the fuel tank. All fuel tank lines and valving are molded into the fuel tank and only serviced with the tank itself, so the fuel tank has to be replaced to cure this problem.

So..for the time being dont fill it all the way up. Stop fueling after the nozzle clicks off the FIRST time.

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