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My u connect will not stay paired with my Galaxy S6 .Pairs

Customer Question

My u connect will not stay paired with my Galaxy S6 .Pairs and then disconnects.Had the car 2 years, phone 6 months, problem just started. Phone psirs fine with other BT devices
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  bill replied 1 year ago.

2 things can cause this 1 the need for an update to the software on the hands free module, or 2 a failure in the hands free module, I can check for service bulletins, but I will need your vin

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My vin is 2c3ccacg3ch249271
Expert:  bill replied 1 year ago.

you have a service contract on the car that should cover any repairs needed to the CAR, including updates.

and there is a software update the vin you gave me to the radio that addresses many radio concerns, were the vehicle in my bay I would perform this update FIRST, then see how the system reacts to your phone, if there is still a problem the next thing would be to replace the hands free module.

BUT the S6 is a fairly new phone so there MAY be some compatibility issues with the phone and your car, we build and design the telecommunication/infotainment systems YEARS before the car is actually built and put into production, while phone manufacturers are bringing out phones on a monthly/weekly basis and many times the new software on the phone is less than happy with the software on the car, we can't design updates until we get our hands on a phone OR there is actually a reported problem, also be sure your phone has the latest software and firmware, I recently ran into a compatibility issue with apple and one of our systems after the customer updated to version 8.3 yet the version 9.1 is fine.

now since you have a very good service contract the repairs should only cost you the deductible on your contract

Expert:  bill replied 1 year ago.

following up to see if you resolved your issue or still need assistance