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I have a 1996 Chrysler Sebring convertible 2.5 liters and I

Customer Question

I have a 1996 Chrysler Sebring convertible 2.5 liters and I replaced the body control module. After installation the engine would start and run for 2 seconds and then stall. I found out by replacing the BCM it was not matched to my VIN so that screw up
caused the engine control module believe some one was trying to steal the car and went into theft mode and immobilized the engine by shutting off the fuel injectors. Do I have this correct so far??? I do not have a Chrysler scanner to reset the ECM. My question
is how can I reset the ECM so the engine will start again?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Chris replied 1 year ago.

Hello and welcome to just answer. You installed a BCM that does not have the security alarm feature built into it. Your ECM needs to see the message from the BCM that it is ok to start and run. What you will need to do is to get a BCM that has the security option, and then your ECM will allow the engine to stay running. There is no "reset" for this. You have to get the correct BCM.

I hope this helps!


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you very much for your message! One more question, how can I tell if a BCM has the security option especially if I get one from a wrecking yard?
Expert:  Chris replied 1 year ago.

Well that would be through the part number on the BCM, or if you are able to get the VIN number of the vehicle that it came out of, then you could call the dealer and they can tell you. Call the dealer with the part number or VIN number. They can then look it up.