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Category: Chrysler
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I just put na output speed sensor in an 01 300m 3.5 ho

Customer Question

i just put na output speed sensor in an 01 300m 3.5 ho automatic trans with opt man shift ..i snugged it speedometer wasnt working,,stuck in sec gear..still in sec gear..but ill deal with that speedometer works but says 70 mph when doing 30-40.bounces now and then ..goes crazy..did i break the new sensor?
just had the trans rebuilt for 1400 i know to cheap..took i back 1 week later shop has new name..same guy,,doesnt stand behund work now..had a new solenoid pack put in,,ran two days wouldnt start..took to tjhe dealer..said 3400.00 trans work needed..finally i went around the service advisor..talked to mech..he said needed a range sensor /TCM/and had a bad harness (connectors)..towed it home changed starter....foiund they had kept my starter relay.jerks/i went back to dealer and they handed me one..i sprayed connection to range stared right away..but now stuck in sec gear again..i took a harness out of the junk yard..and r/r o/p speed sensor.thts a
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
part 3, of 3..sorry...after replacing the o/p speed sensor i drove to acted a little shifted from first to sec easy nicely..before would have to go high rpms then coast to drop to sec ..where i would stay as long as i left it i was in second gear getting up to speed aprox 40..speedo said 70 not correct..i think i felt it slip tp neutral
im not 100% on that i might have instinctively put to neutral..being thats thats how i got it home prior..being coasting after shifting to neutral...4 Of 4..
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 2 years ago.

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

If the speedometer issue started after replacing the trans harness then I would first suspect an issue with the replacement harness. Anything that bleeds voltage into the output speed sensor signal circuit will cause output speed to climb when it shouldn't which will cause shift issues and the speedometer to climb higher than it should.

Did the speedometer issue start after the harness was replaced or was that issue there before?