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I replaced my water pump and timing belt on my sebring.

Customer Question

I replaced my water pump and timing belt on my sebring. because it was leaking water out of the seeping hole on the pump housing and it had over heated bad. When it over heated it had stalled out and I let it sit on side of the road for a while, cooling off. I had a jug of water in car that i slowly poored in the radiator hole. i was real cautious, poring slowly so it wouldn't crack anything. It was water that was hot from sitting in the car all day. Once it cooled a awhile and I had water back in it i started it and drove the remaining 1 mile home. It started really hard, like it wasnt getting fuel or something. I parked it when i got home and then started working on it. The first time I screwed up the timing the first time and had to tear it all down a second time. I bought a manual and took my time the second time put it back together. I was careful in making sure i was on TDC and had all the marks lined up. Now it fires right up and runs, but it barley idles. Really low and a slight rough. Once to give slight throttle its smooth. The plugs were shot so i also put new plugs in it. It has good pickup and drive goods, but i think needs to turn up idle. But not sure. What im asking is, i pretty sure i got timing right but is it possible that over heating toasted a air sensor or O2 sensor or something like that causing not proper fuel mixer? It ran like this directly after it over heated. so what could I check?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Ron replied 2 years ago.

Hello and tank you for your question,

If the engine drive well off of idle and has its normal power the the timing belt is likely okay. The idle speed is controlled by the computer and if the battery was disconnected during the repair its likely the computer has lost its closed throttle values. I would suggest you disconnect the negative battery cable and then take some carb cleaner and a soft cloth and give your throttle body a good cleaning. After doing so, reconnect the cable and start the engine and allow it to idle of about 15 to 20 minutes so the computer can relearn the closed throttle values. Give this a try and see if it straightens out your low idle.