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2000 Sebring JXI with about 100K miles. Vehicle has

Customer Question

2000 Sebring JXI with about 100K miles. Vehicle has uncommanded acceleration after stop or just prior to application of full brake application. Pulled into parking spot recently and vehicle went from no power to enough power to override the brake momentary and jumped up on curb before I could get it out of gear and apply parking break. Second time was pulling up to stop sign and vehicle accelerated and I almost ended in middle of intersection before I could get it stopped. This thing is trying to kill me. Went to Chrysler house and checked for possible recall with no joy. Mechanics had no idea the problem. Ed
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Tom replied 1 year ago.

Hi Ed, sounds like you have a throttle sticking. That may be in the cable itself, the throttle blade in the throttle body may be gummed up with carbon, or the pedal is obstructed by a floor mat or carpet issue. Since the vehicle is a 2000 model year it is not electronic throttle so those are the things to have checked. The first one that you can check easily is the floor mat/carpet. Sometimes they work their way up under the pedal and cause it to stick. I've even seen them get placed over the pedal accidently after it was taken out at the car wash.