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This shop has replaced my 5.7L Hemi in my 2008 Chrysler

Customer Question

This shop has replaced my 5.7L Hemi in my 2008 Chrysler Aspen 2 times and I brought it back in doing the same thing again vibrating like it has flat tires. And this time they are telling me that the alternator went bad and caused a surge in the PCM causing a couple of the relays in it to go bad and they want $1300 to do the repair? I already paid out $5,700 dollars for the original motor to be replaced. Then the main seal started leaking badly covering the undercarriage to get covered in oil. Then the rubber grommet on the started eroded and the starter starter started shorting out on the engine. I paid Chrysler to fix the starter and they informed me the engine had upper and lower engine damage. I took it back to the original shop and they replaced the engine and for months I had been dealing with the check engine light coming of and on and the engine running rough in unison with the light. My question's are could the starter shorting cause my alternator to go bad and damage the PCM or has the PCM been the driving factor in all of the engine failures, and is $1300 reasonable for the repair of the alternator and PCM and should I be responsible? I know a lot to digest:-)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 1 year ago.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!
The starter shouldn't have caused an issue with the alternator and shouldn't be related to the engine light or rough running. It sounds as if the starter solenoid driver wire may have shorted to the positive cable or terminal which kept the starter powered up, that would have been what damaged the starter and required it to be replaced.
The PCM woudln't have caused an engine failure.
To replace and program the PCM along with replacing the alternator and diagnostic time $1,300 isn't out of line.
Unless it can be proven that a shop that had done work to the vehicle caused the failure in the PCM then they won't be responsible. Without knowing more about the issue I'm not certain that an alternator failure has caused the PCM to fail and cause misfires, but if the failure was in the alternator it's not something anyone could have caused.