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Chrysler Pacifica: My daughter has 2007 Pacifica with the 4.0

Customer Question

My daughter has 2007 Pacifica with the 4.0 engine while i was in the driving it home a few months ago in the NYC area the heat stop working while i was driving home i look under the hood and filler bottle for the antifreeze was at the bottom of the bottle with antifreeze this lead to a big adventure i took it my bus shop so i can work on it filled the bottle with the antifreeze(red) changed the upper and lower hoses changed the thermostat bled the system had i hard time but got it eventually. Could get pressure in the hose changed the filler cap as a last result after some time it gave me pressure in the system and a good strong bled. Still luke warm air the old thermostat only would open up when I put 400 degrees to it and then it opened up so I knew the thermostat was bad but still new thermostat still only getting luke warm air and the water temperature gauge inside the vehicle was at the proper operating temperature halfway so I flushed the heater core from under the hood by the fire wall on the drivers side of the car, by taking off the two lines and runningwater in it from my water hose and the water circulated and came out the bot***** *****ne reconnected still no heat. I was stuck went on line read about the ATC automatic temperature control recalibration for electronics system in the car holding the power and the recirculation button down simultaneously for 5seconds getting the delay icon to blink for 20 seconds when it stops blinking that should work and get warm air the air got a little warmer but still no heat , so I ran it down the high for about two miles and back no change and I turned on the AC and that was luke warm to from all three zones. So I think it's the blend door thats is either stuck in the closed position or its broken completely. I took it to Chrysler. Told them everything I did and I started not but I did gave them my thoughts on the blend door being the problem. I own a charter bus company and I'm a serious car guy but I'm from the old school just because you have shops to go to doesn't mean you shouldn't have a general working knowledge of how things work. I did all the easy stuff it was time to take it to the trained professionals at this point. My daughter has Allstate vehicle protection bumper to bumper max care. The dealer did it's 27 point check and came up with a list of things wrong 5 of which they said is probably not covered they called Allstate and got authorization after a advisor came out to look at the vehicle I was not aware of the other repairs they was doing I guess they started to work on the vehicle took 3 weeks change the condenser motor mounts 3, struts left and right few other things change my thermostat again said that's the reason that the vehicle wasn't getting any heat nothing was wrong with the blend door and three weeks later she got the car back we checked it out before we left the dealership no heat actually the thermostat didn't bring the water temperature up to operate in level we sat and wait revived the engine hard finally look like the thermostat opened up the needle started to go up to the halfway point turn the heat on hot air and the temperature gauge needle inside the vehicle started to go back down to cool and you had to keep revving the engine no heat so we have to bring the car back my daughter needed to go some place on May 31st bringing the car back and now they're talking about maybe the only thing could be the heater core they still did not check the blend door and on Sunday I went by my daughter's house because she was going on a short little trip for about a hundred miles I said let me check under the hood pop the hood open and the water in the filler tank was back all the way down to real low at the bottom I didn't open up the hood when we got the car back from the dealership there is no sign of water on her garage floor no antifreeze in her driveway water is not leaking out from underneath the car I'm thinking maybe they did not bleed the system when they added the antifreeze and they probably didn't do the recalibration don't know what's going on with their thermostat but my concern is for them to go back and now say the only thing it could be is the heater core even if they come up with the blend door I'm wondering whether Allstate is going to pay for it because they said that the car was working and we had heat air conditioning everything was working when they called us to come get the car but like I said we didn't go home we didn't leave the dealership just pulled out to the street tried to get heat told them immediately I'm wondering if thats on them too now get this solved and I'm afraid if they keep going to the well which is Allstate well too many times trying to take a bite of the same Apple that they're going to decline this and I'm going to be stuck in the middle of fighting with my aftermarket warranty and Chrysler which has no warranty on this vehicle no more what can my problem be for no heat.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  sprinkles08 replied 2 years ago.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!
The lack of heat could be few things.
The first thing that will need to be addressed is the engine. If coolant temperature isn't coming up to normal and staying there while driving then obviously heat will be poor. I'm not sure that you have an issue there based on your post because it appears the temperature gauge hadn't risen and there was little heat while still at or leaving the dealer. It's going to take a few minutes of driving for the gauge to start to move, and roughly ten minutes for it to be at operating temperature. The only thing that will cause low coolant temperature is the thermostat.
If engine temperature is good but heat is poor then you either have a restricted heater core or there is a blend door issue, either the door or actuator. If a calibration has passed or temperature can be controlled on a/c then the blend door should be operating correctly.