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Experience:  ASE Certified A6,A8,L1 and California Licensed Smog Technician
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Chrysler PT Cruiser: 2001 PT Cruiser engine light stays on.

Customer Question

2001 PT Cruiser engine light stays on. dealer changed both ox sensers codepo141 did not allow light to go out.took back they said it needed a new ecm79-3118v and that did not work. I,m out $1200 and the light is still they want to look at it again. can you help?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Jim replied 2 years ago.
First off if they replaced all these parts and it didn't correct the problem you should ask for your money back. The code po141, related to the oxygen sensor, they replaced those and the problem was still not fixed, they decided to replace the computer and that did not resolve the problem. The only thing left in that circuit is the wiring between the sensor and computer, we have seen wiring issues on this vehicle many times. I am expecting the same to be true on your vehicle, and some one will need to check the wiring to fine the problem. The following test procedure is what we use to find this type of problem. Check the E43 connector under the air cleaner. Jumper the Automatic Shut Down (ASD) relay terminals 30 to 87.
Try to power up a headlight off the Dark Green/Orange wire at the O2 sensor plug to check the wires for the ability to carry adequate current. Should also see the O2 sensor voltage drop to near 0.2 volts Key On Engine Off (KOEO) with the ASD relay jumped and heater on, using a scan tool.

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