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chrysler pacifica: I have a 04 chrysler pacifica 2wd 3.5 it

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I have a 04 chrysler pacifica 2wd 3.5 it was leaking power steering so i took it to a auto repair shop they say rack and pinion seal was no good need new rack so i havent change it and its leaking pwr steering and i have to put fluid on the pwr steering pump can it go bad if it doesnt have oil and after that it started overheating so i check the veichle it had a crack on the passenger side radiator inlet tank so i took it so they could put a new one and  i installed the radiator it started overheating so i thought maybe i had to  be bleed so i bleed it so now it started overheating again so i checked underneath the veichle and it was antifreeze coming out by the oilpan i thought maybe its the water pump so i google where is the water pump located and its in the timing chain so then i took it to a repair shop and they say they will check it until next day so my wife used it  like that and when she was coming home the pacifica went of and she crank the engine and i told her to stop because i think timing belt broke and its a interference engine maybe the valves bend i had to haul to the repair shop and told them what happen and now they say  there going to check it but now i am worried because they are going to try to crank engine and could they bend more the valves or mess the pistons if they crank it or if valves are already bend it  doesnt harm the engine more what should i do.

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If it died while driving because the timing belt has broken then they won't do any more damage by trying to start it themselves. If the belt is completely broken then the valves won't be opening and couldn't come in contact with the pistons. If the valves had already bent then no more damage would be done to them in any event.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So lets say the belt broke can the valves bend if thats the case what would you recommend a new motor or take heads to machine shop and put them back and the motor will work fine or look for another vehicle

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So what do you recommend if the tiiming belt broke and the valves bend install new motor or take heads to machine shop put them back will the motor be good or sell it already fix and get another car

The bottom end wouldn't be damaged by the timing belt breaking, it would just be the intake valves. You'd have to look at cost to repair versus replacing the engine if you do have valve damage, but most likely it will be cheaper to repair the heads.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

If they repair heads the motor will work fine and for how long

How long the engine lasts can't really be determined without seeing inside of it and knowing the maintenance history. In some cases I've seen these engines last in excess of 200,000 miles.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you

You're welcome!