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chrysler pt cruiser: hi ,my wifes 2001 pt cruiser which just

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hi ,my wifes 2001 pt cruiser which just had been serviced in june ..tune up/oil change..replaced belts..and upper an lower motor mounts..started making a slight hissing sound about a week ago..then stopped according to her ..then last nite on the way home from work,,it started making a noise from the passenger side of the engine..when I checked it this morning .I had her start it while I listened and it sounds like a belt or something is rattling / knocking/ grinding sound from inside the engine..all the visible belts are good ..but the sound is bad..was told maybe the timing belt..but my exp. is if that goes the car just stops.. any suggestions of what I might look for.. gonna get it towed to a shop and would like to have an idea of what to expext if possible..thx.. ken

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Does the noise seem to come from the timing cover end of the engine?

Have you checked the coolant level in the reservoir and also removed the radiator cap to check the engine/radiator?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

that seems to be the area the sound is coming gonna check the coolant level back in a couple minutes

Ok, not a problem.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

fluid levels are all good..the sound is coming from the black shroud cover area right by the radiator cap it seems

The black cover in that area is the timing cover.

The noise you are hearing is most likely coming from inside the timing cover. It could be coming from the power steering pump, a/c compressor or alternator but it sounds like the noise is probably from inside the timing cover. A quick way to rule out the engine driven accessories would be to remove the belts and start the engine, if the noise is still there then it's coming from inside the timing cover.

The noise could be a few things if it's coming from inside the cover. It's possible that the belt could be starting to shred and it is hitting the plastic.

More likely though you are probably hearing either the idler, tensioner or water pump. The timing belt tensioner has a pulley with a bearing that can go bad, the timing belt idler has a bearing that can go bad, or the water pump bearings may have failed.

If the noise is definitely coming from inside the cover then they'll take the cover off and inspect everything for looseness and see if anything makes noise when spinning it by hand. It sounds like the noise is pretty bad so it shouldn't be hard to spot the failed component once the cover is off.

If the timing belt is more than a few years old most likely they'll recommend replacing it either way. The belt has a service life of 100,000 miles and it makes good sense to replace it while everything is apart even if undamaged. I would also consider replacing the water pump also, it is only another .5 hour in labor at that point, and if it failed in the future you would have to pay the labor again to go back in, plus it would damage the timing belt if it did leak.

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