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Chrysler 300 C: I have the same problem, dealership said I

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I have the same problem, dealership said I need to purchase key and have it reprogrammed for keyless to work. I got my car back without the start button on. I had left it in the cup holder. I replace button and try to start my car and it still didn't work. The incompetence of the dealership is sickening to say the least. I mean really....they didn't even test to see if it worked, because if they had the button would have been replaced. When I informed them it didn't work, now they say I need to spend an additional $187 didn't quite tell me the name of the part now needed. I'm so frustrated. The board shows damage key, but how can that be when I've replaced it.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

Usually a damaged key message is caused by a bad key. If it still shows damaged key when using a new, programmed key then the problem could be the wireless ignition nose (WIN) if this is happening when putting the key in and turning it, or if this is happening when using Keyless Go then you could have a bad antenna or passive entry module (PEM). The PEM is the module that the antennas report to.

It should be setting a fault code when this happens, if for some reason it isn't then some data can be looked at on the scan tool while it's acting up to see where the key is being unrecognized.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If it's the wireless ignition nose (WIN) I understand there is a recall on this. Am I correct on this? When I put the key in and turning it the car turns on. The only fault code I have seen and the technician is --key damaged. When you say "some data can be looked at on the scan tool" is that something done at the dealership? If so, is it a particular machine that is used? Please advise. Thank you.

There was a recall on the WIN for a few vehicles built in a small time frame in 2010. Yours could be part of the recall, but if there were any open recalls on the car then the dealer should have caught that when it was in for service, they would have checked when your paperwork was written up and then when the tech programmed the key the scan tool would have told him also.


Fault codes store in control modules when a problem is seen. Reading fault codes (and looking at the data to see what is happening) is done using a scan tool, in this case the most common and likely tool would be the WiTech since that is what the dealer uses.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
So, unfortunately it sounds like another trip to the dealership. This time I'm taking it to the dealership in McAllen, TX their customer service is excellent unlike the Chysler dealership in Larefo, TX. Thank you for your assistance I feel I learned a little on how this works. Also, I never new I had the key option to turn on vehicle. If I opt to just use the key to start the vehicle instead of the button --is this a problem, or just a luxury of having a start button. Thx e
It's going to require a dealer level scan tool to diagnose, and whatever parts need to be replaced will need to be programmed with the scan tool using a code obtained from Chrysler, so a dealer is going to be the best place for it. If you're untrusting of the dealer that's been working on it and you have another that's close then I'd recommend trying the other one.

The start button is just an option and it won't hurt a thing to start it manually with the key. All WIN's are set up to be started with the key, Keyless Go is an optional feature but they can be started either way. When the vehicle is shipped the button is bagged in the glovebox and installed later on. Using the key to start it instead of the button will work just fine.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you