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Chrysler Town & Country LX: We have a 2003 Town & Country

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We have a 2003 Town & Country w/ 140,000 miles...yesterday started making a humming-type noise near the rear end. Noise persists whether van is stopped or in motion. Heatshield?
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Are you sure it is not the fuel pump in the fuel tank making this noise? This is very common. The fuel pump is a small electrical motor that will make a humming noise while it is powered up. See if the noise stops two seconds after turning the key on (leaving the engine off).

If that does not seem to be the issue, then yes, it could be heat shield rattling on the exhaust system. If this is the case, you can strap it nice and tight and that should take care of the noise or you could even remove the heat shield.

Another possible cause would be the AC system if you have rear AC. It can make a noise from the rear expansion valve with the AC on. Just a thought..

I hope this help!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answers. If it turns out to be the fuel pump in the tank will the fuel pump have to be replaced? If the problem turns out to be the A/C, will there have to be any work done?



If it turns out to be the fuel pump, the fuel pump still should be ok. As long as the fuel pressure is within specs and the engine is running just fine. You would not have to replace it at this time.

YES, if it turns out to be the AC system, this expansion valve/block would need to be replaced.

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