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Chrysler 300m: My son put freon in my car three weeks ago then

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My son put freon in my car three weeks ago then car started only blowing out warm air. I then took it to a mechanic an he said he added a can of freon as it was low, yesterday. Today it blew out cold air fine. Stopped after a hour and half trip and only blows hot air, like the heat is on wide open. I tired running the unit from high to low hoping it would kick back to air conditioning, no luck. I had an acuator put on four years ago. 2001 chrysler300m.ty

Ok, I am not sure why the mechanic you took it to didnt explain how your ac system works in regards XXXXX XXXXX but it is a sealed system, just like in a refrigerator or central air unit in your house. It does NOT need periodic charging of the ac system.

The fact that your son had to put refrigerent in and then a mechanic had to add more is indicative of a leak in the system.

At this point ac dye needs to be added and a black light used to trace the source of the leak.

You can keep adding refrigerent, but the leak will get worse, to the point that it will only last a few hours.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes he did mention putting in some dye but I can't beleive it would only last 24 you think I need another acuator?


i am so sorry for the delay. your reply just now showed up on my end.

Ok, the actuator controls the air flow between the heater core and the evaporator, which dictates hot or cold air coming thru the vents provided everything else is working.

It doesn have anything to do with a leak. A severe leak only lasting a day or so will usually either be a hole in the condensor from road debris hitting it, a blown front compressor seal, or evaporator has failed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you very much, I'll call the garage tomorrow.

you are welcome.

when you have it looked at, and they give you an estimate, re-open this question and let me know what they found and their price and I can tell you if it is a fair price or not. This is considered followup and is FREE.

I am here everyday
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It is the acuator and follow up was free, ty