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Chrysler 300 Touring: my 2004 300 just went to limp mode (

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my 2004 300 just went to limp mode ( 2nd gear) and when i turned it off - it went back to normal operation BUT the dash still has the autostick 4 gears showing - and it is supposed to be off - it always showed PRNDL without the gears -UNTIL NOW- is my shift (console) malfuncitoning,ground-wire -solenoid ? and confusing the control ??

Brad :

Hello and Welcome to JustAnswer, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you.. Was the code P-1776?


I don't know what the number on the code was - it was a chrysler scanner that went to 2005 ( before the changes)


it showed an LRC was at fault but with further investigation - we went into the fact that the indicator lights on the shifter on the dash are exhibiting the Auto Stick and all its gears - EVEN in Park - and looking that up realized that was not possible - so the thought is that there is some confusion between a signal in the shifter and whatever it sends to that activates the readout on the dash because it will not reset to PRNDL -our guess is that it is electronic and not a controller - and that signal confused the controller to go into limp- I was hoping someone had seen it before - FYI - it ran fine for the next 60 miles and never went limp - after being on and off a few times- BUT the dash still has a display that is wrong - looking for the answer to where this display is sent from and where or why it has been activated to autostick ... we are driving it in D........

Brad :

The dash gets it's signal from the transmission range sensor.. It is located on your valvebody here:

Full Size Image

Brad :

If you don't have a scanner to watch the range sensor, I would replace it.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

thanks - are you sure that this sensor also sends the Auto stick readout to the dash also - just to be sure you know what I mean it now looks like

"PRNDL autostick 1234"

and the normal default is just the "PRNDL"

also do you think that this sensor could send the tranny into limp mode is it was malfuncitoning ?If you are confident with that answer - I am very pleased - just wondering ?

Hi Jay,

If you are in "D" and the readout is saying "PRNDL 1234" it is probally the range sensor.. But the autostick reading comes from the shifter and the 2 sensors on each side of shifter, one on left for downshift and one on right for upshift.


Autostick is a driver–interactive transaxle feature that offers manual gear shifting capability. When the shifter is moved into the Autostick position, the transaxle remains in whatever gear it was using before Autostick was activated. Moving the shifter to the left (towards the driver) causes a downshift and moving to the right (towards the passenger) causes an upshift. The instrument cluster will illuminate the selected gear. The vehicle can be launched in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gear while in the Autostick mode. The speed control is operable in 3rd and 4th gear Autostick mode. Speed control will be deactivated if the transaxle is shifted to 2nd gear. Shifting into OD position cancels the Autostick mode, and the transaxle resumes the OD shift schedule.


The autostick feature will be deactivated if one of the following conditions occur:

  • DTC P0706–Check Shifter Signal–usually accompanied by all PRNDL lights turning on in Park and Neutral. This will result in a DTC P0706 if three such errors are detected after any one “key–on”.
  • DTC P0951–Autostick Input Circuit
  • DTC P1797–Manual Shift Overheat–(Transmission oil temperature >275° F) or (Engine coolant temperature >255° F).

    The very best way to actually see exactly what is wrong and not guessing is to have the codes read in the PCM and TCM.. That will help me in diagnosing your issues..

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
That's darn good info -I will get back into it on Monday - answer me back now and let me rate you - sure hope it works - lots of variables - I know - thanks again - jay
You are very welcome Jay.. Have a great weekend..

Brad and 4 other Chrysler Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My super tech - thought it was the range sensor(there is a bulletin on it)

we replaced it and I am good - BUT the auto stick is still lit on the dash at all times- car works fine -I am not planning on looking for the glitch ! thanks - jay