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Chrysler Town and Country: 1998 Chrysler T & C. LXi 3.8 - Have

Resolved Question:

1998 Chrysler T & C. LXi 3.8 - Have P0300 random misfire code. Engine in missing and backfiring thru exhaust. Items i have checked -Fuel Pressure while running=50psi, replaced plugs and plug wires, Tested coil primary and secondary and all check OK. Can this be a EGR issue? Any other ideas?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Chrysler
Expert:  Tim's Auto Repair replied 5 years ago.

tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

yes,,this could infact be the egr valve,,,remove and clean it with carb cleaner...these valves can get carbon on the valve,,not letting it close al the way,,letting it puch exhaust into the intake

tim's auto repair :


tim's auto repair :

a bad crank sensor can cause this problem,,and,most times not giv a code for it

tim's auto repair :

1998 Chrysler Truck Town & Country Van 2WD V6-230 3.8L VIN L SMFI
EGR Valve Service and Repair, Procedures: EGR Valve and Transducer Replacement

Full Size Image

Fig 5 EGR System


Full Size Image

EGR Mounting

NOTE: The EGR valve and Electrical EGR Transducer are serviced as an assembly.

1. Disconnect EGR transducer electrical connector and vacuum hose. (Inspect vacuum hose for any damage (Fig. 5).
2. Remove electrical connector from solenoid.
3. Remove EGR valve bolts from intake manifold.
4. Open EGR transducer clip and remove electric EGR transducer.
5. Remove EGR valve from intake manifold.
6. Clean gasket surface and discard old gasket. Check for any signs of leakage or cracked surfaces.
- Repair or replace as necessary.

1. Assemble EGR valve with new gasket onto the intake manifold.
2. Install mounting bolts. Tighten bolts to 22 Nm (200 in lb) torque.
3. Install electric EGR transducer in clip with orientation tab in slot and snap closed.
4. Reconnect vacuum hose and electrical connector to electrical EGR transducer.

tim's auto repair :

1998 Chrysler Truck Town & Country Van 2WD V6-230 3.8L VIN L SMFI
Crankshaft Position Sensor Service and Repair, Procedures

Full Size Image

Fig 4 Crankshaft Position Sensor Connector


Full Size Image

Fig 5 Crankshaft Position Sensor And Spacer

1. Raise and support vehicle.
2. Disconnect crankshaft position sensor electrical connector from the wiring harness connector (Fig. 4).
3. Remove crankshaft position sensor retaining bolt.
4. Pull crankshaft position sensor straight up out of the transaxle housing.

NOTE: If the removed sensor is to be reinstalled, clean off the old spacer on the sensor face. A NEW SPACER must be attached to the sensor face before installation. If the sensor is being replaced, confirm that the paper spacer is attached to the lace of the new sensor (Fig. 5).

1. Install sensor in transaxle and push sensor down until contact is made with the drive plate. While holding the sensor in this position, and install and tighten the retaining bolt to 11.9 Nm (105 in lb) torque.
2. Raise and support vehicle.
3. Connect crankshaft position sensor electrical connector to the wiring harness connector.

tim's auto repair :


1998 Chrysler Truck Town & Country Van 2WD V6-230 3.8L VIN L SMFI
A L L Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTC ) Testing and Inspection, Manufacturer Code Charts: Trouble Code (TC) Tests, TC-106A Multiple Cylinder Misfire

Full Size Image

Diagnostic Chart

Full Size Image

Diagnostic Chart


Perform DTC TEST Before Proceeding

Name Of code: Multiple Cylinder Misfire

When monitored: With the engine running, after successfully performing a crank sensor learn.

Set condition: When more than a 2% misfire rate is measured during two trips, or with a 10% to 30% misfire rate during one trip.

Theory of operation: Misfire is detected by the crankshaft speed fluctuation (CSF) method. This method compares the engine speed difference between the cylinders in firing order. The speed is detected by the crankshaft position sensor. When a large enough RPM difference occurs between cylinders, a misfire count of 1 recorded. Two types of misfire are detected: a two-trip misfire, which is about 2% and results in an emissions increase, or a one-trip misfire, which is about 10-30% and will cause damage to the catalytic converter.

Possible causes:
- Secondary ignition wires
- Injectors
- Fuel pump or filter
- Restricted exhaust
- Injector harness connectors
- Intake restriction
- Ignition coil circuit
- Spark plug 0 Evap system
- Mechanical engine problem
- EGR system
- Contaminated fuel
- Air gap at high RPM'S
- Water in fuel
- Mechanical
- PCM power grounds
- Damaged trigger wheel

tim's auto repair :

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