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Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue: Hello I have a 91 Chrysler

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I have a 91 Chrysler New Yorker 5th avenue that runs for 2 seconds and then dies.I had changed MAP sensor, coil pack, cam sensor , fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, crankshaft sensor, fuel pump relay, but is the same, made no difference.
I had checked the compresion , spark , fuel pressure , and everything works fine.Also I took all the gas out of the tank and I filled with new gas.

I had read online about the ASD relay , but I can not find it on this model. It is not located on the PDC ( Power Distribution Center) or the sturt bar.

What else could be the problem ? The car was running fine this happened suddenly one day, after I parked in the store and came back to the car, the car started doing this.
Thanks for trusting us with your problem. I have trained in the automotive field and currently work as a shop foreman. I will be helping you today.


Check the new map sensor again. Could be a wiring issue. If not I suspect the PCM is at fault here.
Check Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor volts key on at the Green/Red wire. Sensor should read 4.5 to 4.8 volts at sea level. Check fuel pressure and fuel supply you can add fuel if it stays running you can bet on the PCM at fault here. Very common issue. . If the vehicle is not equipped with theft alarm, replace the Powertrain Control Module with one that has had a factory alteration done to it to remove the theft alarm function.

TSB 14-01-91 CLICK HERE. Check on a scan tool for the fuel status or Theft Alarm status. The display initially displays System Enabled/Fuel Allowed to XXXXX/Fuel Not Allowed when crank to run transition. This indicates theft alarm 9 is activated. The part number is XXXXX the TSB or you can get a used one from local salvage yard, ebay or

Like I said this is very common. When it gets in this condition it cannot be fixed without replacement of the module. Thanks for your time. Please rate me with a positive rating.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for you advised.I checked the MAP voltage and I got 4.64 volts. I checked the fuel pressure and I got 50 psi. How do I find if my car is equipped with theft alarm ? Also where is the PCM located in my car and how it looks like ?

Hello Luis,

The pcm is located left front fender under the hood. Click here- Location view.

Click here for steps on replacement

If you have the theft alarm It is behind Glove box. Have to remove it to get it out. But this is unlikely that you have one. If you do you can try this reset procedure. Close all doors and hood. Remove the keys from the ignition. Ground the Dark Green/Orange wire or the Light Green/Orange wire at the security module. This wire can be permanently grounded to disable the security system. I have included an image of the alarm module if you do not have one the problem is indeed the PCM. Thanks

Click here- Alarm module

Please rate with a positive rating so I maybe credited.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you very much for your assistance you were right . It was the PCM I got an use one at the junk yard and the car started. Now I have the check engine light on and the AC will not start.
Thanks and very good service
Your very welcome. Please take a moment to rate the question so I may receive credit.
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