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town & country: mini van to a new car or external hard drive

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how do i transfer / download the music on the town & country mini van to a new car or external hard drive

CDJMasterTech :

Unfortunately the only way to remove the music from your radio is with a dealer scan tool and usb memory stick. The use of the dealer scan tool is the only way to make the radio download songs on to the memory stick. Once on the memory stick they could then be uploaded to your new radio. Expect to pay a dealer about $100 for this service.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
what i this dealer scann tool ? does it have a part number?
how does it work?
The dealer scan tool is a special tool generally used only by Chrysler service departments to access the electrical components on your vehicle. If you like I can get you information on where to purchase one, but they cost $6000 and require training to understand how to operate.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

no i did not want to BUY one - but when asked this question at the dealership no -one seemed to haev the answer so I wanted to be specific as to what I was telling them they needed to remove my music - I still would like a parts number or How the scann tool is used so that I can get them to get my music off the hard drive



There are two Dealer scan tools that can be used on your car, one is called the Staescan and the other one is called Wi-tech, if the dealership you went to doesn't know what these are I would suggest going to another dealer this one does not sound competent. These tools are extremely common and are used on a daily basis in every dealership across the country.
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