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Brad, Dealership Technician
Category: Chrysler
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2005 sebring: oil light flickers..stop sign..oil level..sending unit

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i have a 2005 sebring with a 2.7L engine and the oil light flickers when i am stopped @ a light or stop sign, the oil level is correct and i just replaced the oil sending unit. What is causing this?

Brad :

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Did you read the question i have

Brad :

I have researched you issues and I found a Case on this:

Brad :

Case Number958885701
Vehicle IssueThe oil light flickers on/off at idle. The oil pressure checks out fine with a mechanical gauge. 98-04 LH, 2001 + JR41/JR27.;This is not be confused with any other gauge or indicator light issue, its only pertains to the oil light, usually it will only flicker at idle. The oil pressure checks fine with a mechanical gauge.
System or ComponentActivates / Operates by Itself / Ghost Cycle,Flickers / Flashing,Will Not Turn Off;08-36-99;Customer Concern (No DTCs);Cluster / Mechanical Instrument Cluster (MIC/eMIC),Oil Pressure Warning Light;Interior;Yes - Continuously
RecommendationThere is a tsb listed for the 98-99 LH cars (tsb 08-36-99). But truly this tsb concept applies to any one wire oil light system. The oil light will come on when the oil presssure drops below specs, the oil switch is actually a pressure transducer, but in order for the switch to work properly it must be vented to ATMOSPHERIC air. The problem enlies when the vent of the switch gets pugs with dirt, if so, the operation of the switch is altered because the switch cannot compare the outside air pressure (Barometric air pressure) to the oil pressure created by the engine. See tsb 08-36-99, clean out the harness end of the switch thoroughly.
Modification Date
09/27/04 2:19 PM


did you receive my question

Brad :

Yes, do you see my replies?

Brad :

NO: 08-36-99

SUBJECT: Engine Oil Pressure Light Flicker

DATE: Oct. 15, 1999


This bulletin involves adding a terminal/wire/vent to the oil pressure switch connector.



With a hot engine the oil pressure light may be on or flicker on at idle.


Verify engine oil pressure as described on page 9-21 of the 1999 Concorde/Intrepid/LHS/300M service manual (Publication No. 81-270-9140). If engine oil pressure is within specification perform the Repair Procedure.



QtyPart No.Description
105017800AAWire Terminal/Vent


  1. Raise vehicle on a suitable hoist.

  2. Remove engine oil pressure switch connector from switch.

  3. Remove sealing dart from the empty cavity at the rear of the connector.

  4. Pull terminal locking ring outward from front (switch) side of connector to gain access to terminal locking tabs.

  5. Install wire terminal/vent, p/n 05017800AA, in place of the removed sealing dart. Slide locking ring back into place.

  6. Attach the connector back on the oil pressure switch.

  7. Spot tape the wire/vent to follow the harness towards the top of the engine compartment.


Reimbursable within the provisions of the warranty.



Labor Op. No.Time
08-90-65-960.2 Hrs.



P8New Part


okay i read your replies

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