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Stone314, Technician
Category: Chrysler
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solving a horn problem with a 1999 plymouth breeze..driving down..road

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I need help solving a horn problem with a 1999 Plymouth breeze. i thought i would see if this was something you have knowledge of, othewise you can pass it on to others.

it started out with the horn going off ocasionally when you were driving down the road. it did not necessarily hve anything to do with turning the steering wheel. it got to whre it did it more and more often, until it finally got to where it was blowing all the time. i assumed it was in the horn assembly, so i disconnected the battery and removed the horn assembly/air bag. the gromets around the bolts were dry rotted, and it appeared that they might be allowing a continuous connection. While factory grommets were not available, i had some "O" rings that fit snugly over the bolts, and used them. i am rasonably confident i reinstalled the springs and spacer in the same manner that they were removed, but wsince i am still having a problem, i am questioning this. it ppears simepl. Spring, plastic spacer with narrow shoulder up, to fit inside horn bracket, bracket, then bolts with "O" rings.

When i reinstall the horn, it still blows all the time. I have tried several self test inside the stering wheel, but have not really learned anything. if i hook a test light to ground, when i touch the bolt, the horn blows. when i touch the horn bracket with the ground wire attached, it does not blow. if i press the horn bracket, the horn still does not blow. this is what makes me question the installation, but i have been unable to find an exploded view of the assembly to check this. As it is, i cannot figure out how, if i pres the horn bracket, how it is supposed to make contact with the bolt, which should complete the ground.

garrtim :

hello, this is an internal issue with the horn pad itself(switch) it will need to be replaced


Sorry for the delay, but when i did not get an immediate response, i went onto something else. i hve been out of town this week, and have not had time to reapond. I need more information. the only horn pas, is the air bag. theer are no wires attached to it, except those that go to the clock spring. i should be able to blow the horn with the airbag off, i believe. Are you talking about there is another switch inside the steering wheel somewhere. i have a Chiltons and a Haynes book, and neither offers an exploded view of the horn assembly.

garrtim, service manager
Category: Chrysler
Satisfied Customers: 6277
Experience: 20+ years chrysler certified
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You have an harness inside your steering column that delivers power to the horn and air bag the clock spring this is your issue
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

i assume from the response above, you feel you have been treated unfairly. i have been payngin to Just Answer for over two years, so it does not cost me any exrta money to accept your answer. i do not use it every month, but have used it severaql times, and have been pleased with my service. i am not sure why you feel i should accept yur answer when we have not 4ven communicated about this issue.


if you will notice, i sent my original quesion on Sunday Nov 6 at 2 PM. i cehcked the computer off and on all sunday afternoon, as well as set up to receive a text if i received a response. i did not recerive a response until 8:30 AM the next morning. i was out of town for over a week, and then i was not immediately able to spend any time on the car. i replyed to the mechanic, and and you responded late Thursday evening. The previous mechanic is talking aboujt a switch, and you ae talking about the harness. we need to communicate to confirm if that is correct, before i take the steering column apart, and that is not the problem. i assure when this problem is resolved, i will pay, and possibly add a tip, but it is not uncommon for it to take a week or more to reslove a problem, depending on each of our avialability. When the problem is resloved, i will pay.

What I will do is research the issue tomorrow and have an definite answer for you.

this information should be help with the horn relay you can simply swap out the horn relay with a known good probably your ac relay to verify if that is the issue if you need any further information just let me know


Testing and Inspection
Horn System Test

Stone314, Technician
Category: Chrysler
Satisfied Customers: 70
Experience: Degree Auotmotive Technology
Stone314 and 5 other Chrysler Specialists are ready to help you