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02 town and country van--idle speed seems..tranny..shifting..bump

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02 town and country van--idle speed seems high (1200rpm) and tranny is shifting strange in low gear...a jarring bump. Any ideas? Are these two symptoms related? Steve

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this is most often caused by a bad throttle position sensor


this could cause both high idle and transmission shifting issue


click here for more information


let me know if you need more help



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What should the idle speed be for this vehicle?
Approximate cost of dealer replacing the throttle position sensor?
When I first felt the "bump" I immediately had flashbacks to bad tranny issues with three previous Chrysler vans (87,91,93). What are the odds of this being major tranny issues/big bucks?

the part is 30 dollars and .5 hours labor to install


so total job would run like 90 dollars for the TPS.


normal idle speed once its warm would be near 800 its controlled by the computer and is not adjustable


I would not be overly concerned with the transmission bumbing until you replace the TPS to correct the idle speed


it can cause the trans to shift eratically .



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok. I'll go with your advice. Thanks Paul!

no Problem Steve


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let me know how you make out



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
One last thing ... after the TPS is installed, does the computer need to be reset? Or will it adjust on it's own? Thanks!

no programming is needed for the new TPS


as long as you have no engine light you are ok.


if there is an engine light you can get codes cleared at an autoparts store for free