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Chrysler Pacifica Limited 2004 Pacifica. Engine light on

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2004 Pacifica. Engine light on at times. MPG has dropped. I have similar issue. This has been happening off and on for 2 or 3 years now. I did back then try to find the problem - had O2 sensors and EGR valve replaced a couple of times - engine light came right back on. It happens every couple of months - everything will be fine, no engine light, then, without warning, it will require several seconds of cranking to start, service engine light flashes, car hitches and cuts out. When it first started happening, I didn't realize that it WOULD start, you just have to crank it for a while. I actually called for a tow truck twice, but then just as the truck arrived, gave it one more try and it started. I have tried to determine when this happens, if there are any consistencies. One thing is that the engine seems to perform ok up to 2500 rpm. It seems that at EXACTLY 2500, the hitching/hiccuping begins. If you let off the gas, drop the rpm's, it's ok again til 2500. This goes on for an unspecified length of time, but eventually (so far) it will come out of it and act normal for maybe another couple of months. I read somewhere on a 'fix it' site that perhaps the NVLD (natural vacuum leak detector) assembly might need to be replaced? Any thoughts? What is the price range for replacing the NVLD?
One other bit of info I'd like to share. About 4 yrs ago my inner tie rod ends needed to be replaced - was told that Chrysler did not make these; you had to purchase the complete rack for about $1200! A friend who worked at an auto supply store took the old ones, opened boxes, eyeballing many different makes until he found a similar model that does indeed fit. I think it was for a VW. The part number is XXXXX EV270 at a cost of about $30.
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My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am here to try and assist your with your question. With the long crank to start and the performance issue at around 2500 your describing a fuel pump problem. You would need to check the pressure to see if getting 58 psi. of pressure and also check after shutting off if the fuel pressure drops as this is the cause of the hard starting as it has to crank for a while to build the pressure back up
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

so this does not sound like a NVLD issue?

is it possible that the fuel pump would function properly for months at a time, then suddenly malfunction for a few days, then run again ok?

The NLVD will not cause the problem your having and yes a fuel pump can be intermittent and from the description your giving is the problem you have
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